Next time Election 2016 comes up, here’s a tidbit that might lighten the mood: Red states and blue states don’t only differ politically. Turns out you can also draw party lines when it comes to elective cosmetic procedures.

Looking through more than 5 million pageviews, three RealSelf topics were in the running for most searched procedure by state. First, breast surgeries, or any procedure that alters a woman’s chest. Second, Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), a surgery that transfers fat to the buttocks. And third, tummy tucks, a tightening of the abdominal wall that removes excess skin and fat.

Compared to breast surgeries and BBLs, tummy tucks were an also-ran third party. They took No. 1 in only nine states — four blue (Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wisconsin) and five red (Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee) — so to see where majority ruled for the two heavyweights, we took tummy tucks out of the running. That’s what you’ll see on the map below.

What do our final numbers tell us? That blue states are more inclined to be researching BBLs while Republicans tend to keep things close to the chest. Fourteen blue states had BBLs as the most searched procedure compared to nine red states, while breast-related surgeries were the most searched topic for 15 red states compared to only 11 blue.

Which way did your state swing? Check out the map.

Election 2016: Here’s a Red vs. Blue State Map That Isn’t Boring
Graphic by Anna Helland

Where we got our numbers: Most searched determined by pageviews from Q4 2014. The breast topic included breast implants, augmentations, and reductions. Blue and red designation determined by 2012 presidential election results. Data was not available for the District of Columbia and Hawaii.

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