Body wraps have long lured people with their claim as a quick, painless, and affordable way to tone and tighten the skin. Soaked in a mix of ingredients that tout natural benefits, these wraps make any number of beauty promises — from losing inches to reducing cellulite. Most recently, aggressive marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements have helped them shoot to popularity.

In the last six months, consumers searching body wraps viewed nearly 1.5 million pages of content on RealSelf. This represented a 66 percent increase in interest from the prior year. Google also reports a rise in searches for body wraps:

When comparing our site traffic for body wraps against state population we found that one particular region showed above average levels of interest: America’s midsection.

Iowa’s the most curious about body wraps with 180 percent greater interest as compared to the national average. Nearby neighbors South and North Dakota are second and third (+166 percent and +125 percent each) while Wisconsin takes the trend further east with 102 percent more interest than the rest of the country. Epicenters of body wrap interest include Milwaukee, Saint Louis, and Indianapolis.

See which other states show above average interest in body wraps.

Body Wraps: They've Got a Hold on America's Middle
Graphic by RealSelf

But do body wraps actually work? Not according to our community; only 39 percent of all people who’ve ever reviewed the product think it’s worth it.


“I really wanted to see some positive results, but was very disappointed,” wrote one community member. “I was also told I would ‘feel great’ after the treatment. That didn’t hold true either.”

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Where we got our numbers: Interest based on pageviews for 2014.

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