The fact that there are different beauty standards for men and women isn’t exactly breaking news. What is interesting is how these beauty standards play out in the real world. Here are the trends that caught our eye for men and women from high school to retirement.


You’d think this fresh-faced bunch wouldn’t have much to complain about when it comes to beauty. But there’s one spot that gets particular attention: the nose. Rhinoplasties hit a peak for women in this age group; interest drops off significantly the older a woman gets. One example: Ladies under 24 show 45 percent more interest in nose jobs compared to women just a little bit older (ages 25 to 34). Men also research nose jobs; rhinoplasty is the No. 1 topic for males of this age. What they’re particularly interested in, however, are braces. They’re the male age group most interested in the topic and show 32 percent more interest compared to women of the same age.


By the mid-20s, male and female beauty concerns diverge drastically. Men search for solutions to reverse a receding hairline; interest in hair transplants goes up 27 percent for men 25 to 34 compared to men 18 to 24. Meanwhile, women look to fill out what puberty didn’t: Breast implants are the  No. 1 topic for women of this age group.

How Our Beauty Interests Age With Us
Graphic by Shelby Evans


This group has one question in mind: How do I lose a little extra baggage? Both men and women are particularly interested in tummy tucks, a tightening of the abdominal wall that removes excess skin and fat. Men on RealSelf typically say they’re getting the $7,700 surgery after losing weight, while women often want to repair the wear and tear of pregnancy.


Male and female beauty interests part ways once again in middle age. While men show an increased interest in Botox — up more than 130 percent compared to men ages 25 to 34 — they’re half as likely than women to research a more intensive solution like a facelift.


At this point, anti-aging is at a premium for women. But for men? Not so much. The fellows want to know all about cosmetic dentistry; men in this age group are twice as interested in dental crowns as their younger counterparts. Women, meanwhile, have growing interest in eyelid surgery and facelifts. As for dental crowns, they’re 30 percent less likely then men to research them at this point.


Men of this age warm up to the idea of facial plastic surgery; eyelid surgery hits a high. Women, meanwhile, have simply added another option to their repertoire: the neck lift. Searches for this anti-aging procedure go up 8 percent for women 65+ compared to women 55 to 64.

Where we got our numbers: Pageviews for Q4 2014 and Q1 2015.

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