After swinging by Australia to see what beauty treatments Aussies research most, we head north to England. It’s a popular spot for those researching elective cosmetic options. More than 1.5 million English men and women have visited RealSelf over the last three months; that’s up 29 percent compared to the previous quarter. They tend to be female and trend younger than their Yankee counterparts.

What topics draw them in? Like in Australia, breast surgery and nose jobs are top of mind. Brazilian butt lift (BBL), a procedure which adds extra fat to the backside, is also popular. It’s in spot No. 3 nearly all thanks to interest from Londoners.

Trends: England — What the English Research When It Comes to Beauty

In fact, London’s residents tend to do as much, if not more, RealSelf research than the entire rest of the country combined. Most notably, Londoners show nearly three times more interest in BBLs than the entire rest of England.

London’s level of interest in BBLs is on par with the record interest seen in America. In the U.S., with a population of more than 318 million, 69 pages of BBL content are viewed for every 1,000 Americans. That number’s not much smaller in London, a city of a mere 8 million; 54 pages of BBL content are viewed per 1,000 Londoners.

What the English Research When It Comes to Beauty

Looking at England as a whole, the country shares many other beauty desires with the U.S. Women in both countries care about breast surgeries, with the English slightly more interested in breast reduction and breast implant removal. Both countries are also curious about nose jobs with the English nearly 9 percent more so than Americans.

Also of note is England’s research around Botox (the English are twice as interested in the topic as compared to Americans), Invisalign (they research the teeth straightening option 57 percent more often than Americans), and hair transplants (almost three times as much interest in England than the U.S.).

What the English Research When It Comes to Beauty

Where we got our numbers: Pageviews for February 1 through April 30, 2015. No data included from Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

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