Call it a wild guess but when you think plastic surgery, breast implants come to mind. After all, it’s a popular topic. Interest in breast augmentation on RealSelf went up 57 percent in the past year while breast implants have more than 3,600 reviews. Recently, we surveyed those thousands to ask what women who’ve either had a breast augmentation or are researching one think about implants. Here’s what they had to say.

Safety’s the Most Important Feature

Despite a stereotype that women who get implants don’t think of much except how they’ll fill out a new bikini, they’ve actually got a lot on their minds. They’re particularly worried about safety. It’s the most important characteristic for any breast implant, they say. Women also want implants that don’t sag (80 percent rated that characteristic “very important”) and to have a natural look (75 percent).

When it comes to safety, women are most concerned their implants will rupture; 47 percent said they’re “very concerned” about that outcome even though it’s a rare one. According to RealSelf doctors, rupture occurs with 1 to 2 percent of implants every year.

The second most common concern was capsular contracture, a complication where the body builds a fiber capsule around the implant and squeezes it out of shape. This one’s also uncommon; with modern implants, it happens about 3 percent of the time, say RealSelf doctors.

Breast Implants and Safety: What Women Worry About Most

Silicone’s on the Rise

For years, women in the United States only had one option for what filled their implants: saline. The other option, silicone, was banned by the FDA for 14 years following public health concerns about safety. Despite this bad reputation, however, silicone has made a major comeback in the nine years since the FDA lifted its ban.

We asked women what they’re researching these days: silicone or saline. Their answer? A vote for silicone. Of those who’ve decided which implant interests them most, 82 percent picked silicone, an option many doctors say makes for a more natural-looking result.

Silicone Breast Implants: 82% of Women Said That's What They Want

Look Trumps Feel for Final Results

“They feel so real!” How often have you seen that clichéd scenario play out when a woman, often fictional, discusses her new breasts? Turns out, however, that women focus more on how implants look; four times as many women picked look over feel when rating which quality was more important for their final results.

What's Most Important For Your Breast Augmentation?

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