No matter how you slice it, plastic surgery is expensive. Breast implants cost more than $5,000, a nose job sets you back about $7,000, and a facelift can run upwards of $11,000. Plus, more often than not, insurance won’t touch the final bill.

So unless you’re independently wealthy — and with more than 8 million men and women visiting RealSelf every month, it’s not just Real Housewives getting work done — that kind of expense means budgeting.

[TWEETBLOCK text=”Tweet this”]44 percent of people said they put off at least one big purchase to get plastic surgery.[/TWEETBLOCK]

RealSelf asked more than 700 people who have contacted a doctor about cosmetic plastic surgery what major financial decision, if any, they’ve delayed so they could fund a surgery. While the majority of respondents said they didn’t delay any major purchases, 44 percent said they put off at least one big ticket item so they could get work done.

What do they delay? A vacation. A third of people said the R&R will have to wait (survey takers could choose more than one option of expenses they’ve delayed, which is why the percents below don’t equal 100 percent). People also don’t renovate their home, buy a new place, and have children so they can afford the often high price tag of a cosmetic procedure.

The #1 Purchase People Delay to Pay for Plastic Surgery Instead



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