At RealSelf, we hear a lot about fear. Fear of needles, fear of anesthesia, fear of scars. Plastic surgery is, after all, surgery and with any major medical procedure comes a risk that something could go wrong.

What are people most scared of when going under the knife? That’s what RealSelf asked 700 people seriously considering a cosmetic procedure. Their No. 1 fear: They won’t like the final results. More than 30 percent of respondents said they were most worried they’d wake up and not like what they saw in the mirror.

A close second was a fear of complications from the surgery. We’ve seen this kind of data before; complications were also a top concern for women who’ve either had a breast augmentation or are researching one.

Death — arguably the biggest complication of them all — took only 10 percent of the vote, which may be because people figure their chances are higher they’ll have bad results than that they won’t wake up. Also low on the list of concerns was looking fake (a mere 7 percent of respondents said it was their greatest concern) and being judged negatively (just 2 percent of respondents).

One survey taker summed it up: “Nobody likes pain, but I’ve waited my whole life for this!”

What People Fear Most When They Get Plastic Surgery


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