In the world of breast augmentation, gummy bear breast implants have been called everything from the “hottest new thing” to the very future of the industry. A silicone implant that’s known for not losing its shape even when cut in half, gummy bear implants have become a buzzword in the world of plastic surgery. But do women actually know what they are?

Yes and no. In a recent survey of more than 2,800 women who’ve either had a breast augmentation or are actively researching one, 70 percent said yes, they’d heard of this type of implant. But when pressed to explain what gummy bear breast implants are, answers varied.

“Not sure. Gummier and squishier?” wrote one respondent. “I don’t know,” replied hundreds more. They’d heard the term, they said, but couldn’t explain what made this implant different. (If you’re curious, it’s the filling that mainly sets gummy bear apart. Made with a highly cohesive version of silicone, gummy bear implants are typically firmer than a traditional silicone implant, according to RealSelf doctors.)

While general knowledge about the implant was middling, most women felt that the term meant a more natural look and a softer feel — both qualities women say are very important in a high-quality breast implant.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants: What Women Do and Don’t Know About Them

We asked women whether they preferred the phrase “silicone,” “gummy bear,” or “gel.” Despite the fact that gummy bear implants are technically silicone implants, the term “silicone” was twice as popular as “gummy bear” with 50 percent of the vote.

The respondents’ knowledge of their implant options, however, was limited. “I don’t know enough about gummy bear implants,” woman after woman wrote. That lack of information made them hesitant to weigh in on gummy bear. When asked if this type of implant was the best type of implant, 61% said no. Their main reason? They just hadn’t heard enough about them.

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