Whether you’re buying a drink or getting past the bouncer, being carded is annoying. But as irritating as it can be to fish out your ID from the depths of your wallet, it’s also a little confidence boost. “Hey you,” the world is saying, “you could still pass as a teenager.”

RealSelf analyzed a handful of the factors important to keeping a youthful look. They’re the ones our doctors say matter most if you want to have people guessing your age for decades to come. We’re talking things like sun exposure, stress, and pollution (hint: you want less of all three to keep wrinkles at bay). Also important: how much you smoke, drink, work out, and sleep.

We ranked cities with populations of 300,000 or more based on this list of age-related data points. The city that did the best? Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Midwestern metropolis of 400,000 is the second-fittest in the U.S., a big boon to residents’ overall health. Minneapolitans also rank #4 in the country for getting enough sleep, a surefire way to stay looking young.

Seattle and San Francisco also scored well. Seattle came in at #2, thanks mostly to low sun exposure (all those clouds have an upside), while San Francisco ranks as one of the better rested cities in the U.S.

Can I See Your ID? Top 10 Cities Where People Don't Look Their Age

On the other end of the spectrum, we see the 10 cities with the most trouble fighting Father Time. Nearly all of them have sun-drenched locales. Besides being sunny, Riverside, California, also ranked poorly for smoking, stress, and drinking, which lands it at the top of our list. Not far behind: Las Vegas, whose late nights might finally be catching up with it.

The Top 10 Cities That Are Showing Their Age