When a woman decides it’s time to make a big change, it’s usually inspired by one revelatory moment. Maybe she looks in the mirror and sees her mother staring back. Maybe she’s lost hundreds of pounds but can’t hit her final goal thanks to excess skin. Maybe she realizes she’s MIA from all the family pictures because she’s been hiding from the camera. Maybe someone asks when the baby’s due, and she’s not pregnant.

This moment sparks a realization: She doesn’t have to live this way. She has options.

Curious about how these “aha” moments happen, we asked more than 1,800 women to share what ignited their desire to change their appearance or improve their health.

That Aha Moment: What Inspires Women to Make a Change

These numbers differed slightly depending on age. The three largest demographics that responded were women aged 25-34 (23 percent of all answers), 35-44 (26 percent), and 45-54 (23 percent).

Age Matters: Women Say This Motivated Their Makeovers

Women ages 25 to 34 most commonly cite motherhood as their prime motivation. Typically, they’re finished having kids and want to restore their bodies to pre-baby shape. As one put it, “After giving birth to five children and breastfeeding them each for two years, it was time to reclaim my body as my own.”

Motives shift for slightly older women, ages 35 to 44. Many still want to reverse the wear and tear of pregnancy, but they’re more concerned with their overall health. Eighteen percent of respondents say they had significant health concerns, often related to weight. “I want to be able to do things with my kids without running out of breath,” wrote one woman.

Slightly older women say they were inspired to investigate treatment options because they saw signs of age creeping in. A quarter of women aged 45 to 54 listed aging as their No. 1 motivation, compared to only 14 percent of 35- to 44-year-olds and 6 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds who said the same. “As I get older I’ve come to realize that feeling good on the inside doesn’t mean much if you look bad on the outside,” one respondent wrote. “Mother Nature isn’t always kind.”

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