Whether a woman’s getting hitched or getting stitched, the research involved isn’t easy. Wedding planning’s infamous for having a million details, while the decisions around major surgery can literally mean life or death.

How much time do women spend planning these major life choices? To answer that question, we partnered with one-stop wedding planning site Lover.ly.

Getting Hitched and Getting Stitched: The Time Women Spend Planning

Lover.ly data shows a woman spends an average of 13 months planning her wedding; compare that to the two-thirds of women who told RealSelf they spent at least a year considering having work done. And that’s just thinking about the procedure, let alone starting research or appointments.

The hard work doesn’t stop there. Of more than 900 surveyed women, 70 percent told us they researched two to five different doctors. Some went a step further: 11% said they looked at six to ten doctors, while 5 percent vetted ten or more. Talk about waiting for The One.

Where we got our numbers: All wedding information courtesy of Kellee Khalil, Lover.ly CEO and founder.

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