If your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room, what do consumers say about popular elective cosmetic options? Most often, nothing.

The American cosmetic industry makes as much, if not more, money as heavy hitters like the fashion and car industries, but consumers recognize only a few aesthetic brands by name, according to a RealSelf survey of 1,000 consumers. We polled men and women who’ve gone so far as to contact a doctor for a consultation, indicating an active interest in the world of aesthetics. We gave them a list of branded cosmetic options, and even this educated and proactive base wasn’t familiar with most of them.

Cosmetic Consumers Draw a Blank on Brand Names

Botox Takes #1 for Brand Awareness

The most widely recognized name on the list, Botox, isn’t a surprise. Allergan, the company behind the popular wrinkle-fighting injection, has heavily invested in advertising. Botox becoming a pop culture byword hasn’t hurt either; 58 percent of survey takers said they were at least moderately familiar with the brand.

CoolSculpting’s Making Inroads

Consumers also expressed some familiarity with CoolSculpting, a body contouring technology that promises to get rid of unwanted fat without surgery. This “freeze away fat” treatment has inspired some big media buzz in recent years. Still, 56 percent of aesthetics consumers were totally unfamiliar with the brand.

As for Everybody Else…

Every other brand on the list ranked poorly. The vast majority of consumers had little to no familiarity with them, even though these are people who’ve been actively researching a cosmetic problem that many of these products could address. (All of these brands, by the way, have all been on the American market for at least 18 months, save for the new injectable cosmetic Kybella.)

Clearly, there’s still work to be done for the American cosmetic industry to make its products household names.

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