Every day millions of Americans wake up and look in the mirror. What do they see? Their Google habits give us a clue.

We identified the beauty questions most commonly asked by the millions of men and women who come to RealSelf looking for solutions. Then we uncovered where those questions are most often searched in the U.S., according to Google Trends. Our top findings below in a slideshow:

  • Top 5 States Searching for “Wrinkle Cream”

  • Top 5 States Searching for “Under Eye Circles”

The Top Spot for Age Spots

Blame the sun, Arizona. Age spots happen when melanin, which gives skin color, clusters in one place. The surefire way to get more melanin is to get more sun.

Cellulite in the Sunshine State

As with many popular beauty concerns, there’s no one factor that causes cellulite. Poor diet, hormones, and even genetics can all play a part. Hanging out poolside in a bikini, though, is a quick way to realize you have it.

Circling the East Coast

It’s hard to pin down why New York tops the list for dark under eye circles solutions. Maybe too many late nights in the City That Never Sleeps?

Looking to Lose Down South

The five states most interested in the search phrase “how to lose belly fat” all hail from the South, with Mississippi at #1. The Magnolia State is also #1 when it comes to its percentage of obese adults, which may explain the high level of interest.

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