In the last five years, doctors have spent more than 230,000 hours answering questions from concerned men and women on RealSelf. 230,000 hours. That’s a commitment equal to watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy 20,175 times.

What kind of questions are doctors answering? Sometimes they’re minor (How much do dental implants cost?), and sometimes they’re not (How long will this pain last?). Each one comes from a person who’s frantically searching for relief. Is this rash normal? Will my scar go away? Can I take this medicine with that one?

As people ask, doctors answer — in between surgeries, after hours, or, more often than not, during lunch. They volunteer their precious free time to connect with patients and share their expertise. These doctors may never meet the people on the other side of the screen, but they do what they can to quiet worries or encourage people to seek hands-on help.

All this time adds up to something amazing: 1 million people who’ve gotten the medical information they need when they need it, so they can move forward with confidence.

In the Last 5 Years, Doctors Spent 230,000 Hours Doing This


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