Last week, RealSelf shared board-certified doctors’ predictions for what will be big in plastic surgery in the new year. Now we’re taking a closer look at what defined elective cosmetic procedures in 2015.


What women wanted

Butts remained big in 2015. 47 percent of plastic surgeons said they received a higher number of butt-related procedure requests from women in 2015 compared to 2014. While there’s no single explanation for the popularity, RealSelf doctors offer their thoughts.

“The interest in the female shape has been with us throughout history,” says Columbus plastic surgeon Dr. Robert F. Centeno. “What’s changed is particular styles that women want.” Dr. Centeno says he’s definitely noticed a change in requests over the course of his nearly 13 years of butt augmentation experience. “Not a day goes by that I don’t answer one or two requests from women interested in buttocks contouring,” he says.

[TWEETBLOCK text=”Tweet this”]“Not a day goes by that I don’t answer one or two requests from women interested in buttocks contouring.”[/TWEETBLOCK]

“I think it’s a trend and that it’s here to stay,” adds Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila S. Nazarian, who’s also seen an uptick in butt-related requests from her patients. “But similar to breast augmentation, I think the trend will evolve to include a more natural look.”

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Dr. Nazarian references a developing pattern: women opting for smaller and smaller breast implants. She expects the same for butts: “I think that butts will [continue to] be augmented, but with a more natural-looking emphasis.”


Chart: The Top 5 Areas More Women Wanted Plastic Surgery in 2015


Also popular were procedures targeting the face, neck, and skin. That’s expected to only pick up in the new year: 68 percent of doctors say they anticipate more patients requesting work done on the chin or neck in 2016. That’s partially due to the rise of non-invasive procedures that address the chin, says Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer L. Walden.

“There are simply more options that don’t involve anesthesia and surgery,” says Dr. Walden, referencing Kybella, a recently FDA-approved injection that targets chin fat; the CoolMini, a chin-shaped attachment developed for the established fat-fighting tool CoolSculpting; and ThermiTight, a radio frequency device that tightens skin.

[TWEETBLOCK text=”Tweet this”]“I have high hopes that I will soon be able to say, ‘It was worth it.’”[/TWEETBLOCK]

Since none of these involve going under the knife, people are more willing to address an area that may have been bugging them for years, explains Dr. Walden.

That’s one of the reasons RealSelf user Cheryl looked into Kybella after considering the more invasive option of chin liposuction. “About 10 years ago, I noticed my jawline and profile was changing and I was astounded!” she wrote before getting treatment with Seattle dermatologic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Reichel. “I have high hopes that my neck will continue to shrink and tighten in the next few weeks and that I will soon be able to say, ‘It was worth it.’”


What men wanted

In 2015, more men sought plastic surgery for their chest or eyelids. 42 percent and 41 percent of plastic surgeons, respectively, say they received a higher number of procedure requests from men related to one of those two body parts, compared to the previous year.

The rising popularity of male breast reduction, a procedure that removes male breast tissue, accounts for the increased interest in the chest, say plastic surgeons. Interest has more than doubled on RealSelf in the past year.

“Male breast reduction is one of the two most common reasons a guy comes in for a consult at my office,” says Tennessee plastic surgeon Dr. Gaurav Bharti, who does three to four male breast reduction consultations a week. “It’s just more and it’s coming from all demographics.”

The most common age range, he notes, are men between 20 and 35. That’s a difference from years gone by when men getting plastic surgery tended to be older and getting anti-aging procedures like facelifts.


Chart: The Top 5 Areas More Men Wanted Plastic Surgery in 2015


The uptick in procedure requests from men is also thanks to men becoming less hesitant to ask for cosmetic procedures, say RealSelf doctors. 73 percent of surveyed doctors say they’ve seen their number of male patients increase in the last year. Dermatologists have seen the greatest increase (87 percent compared to 80 percent of facial plastic surgeons and 70 percent of plastic surgeons), which may explain the 41 percent of plastic surgeons who’ve received more requests from men about their eyelids.

“Like women, men are now feeling pressure to look younger longer, both for economic and social reasons,” explains New York dermatologist Dr. Heidi A. Waldorf.  “I have one patient who is the senior mechanic at a luxury car repair shop and came in when he was tired of the young guys calling him ‘Pops.’ Others have come in when they found themselves not able to retire and needing to keep or find a job.”

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Dr. Nazarian has noticed the same on the West Coast. While she’s received requests from men about their eyelids since she started practice, she’s noticed more men voicing concerns about their appearance.

[TWEETBLOCK text=”Tweet this”]“This was the best $5,000 I’ve ever spent. I feel like a decade was erased from my appearance.”[/TWEETBLOCK]

“This could be due to completing with younger people for the same job or trying to keep up with the wife, who is younger or getting procedures herself,” she says. “I also see men who are divorced or recently out of a relationship who are trying to look their best to attract a new mate.”

One obvious way to look younger longer is to address wrinkles around the eyes, which helps explain the change in requests plastic surgeons are getting from their male clientele.

“My industry is a young person’s game and my appearance no longer reflected the energy I have for my job,” wrote one 44-year-old man to explain his eyelid surgery. “This was the best $5,000 I’ve ever spent. I feel like a decade was erased from my appearance.”


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