Millennials: confident, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat, open to change. That’s how Pew Research Center describes this much-discussed generation. Based on what we’re seeing at RealSelf, that attitude also applies to plastic surgery.

Compared to older generations, people under the age of 35 aren’t as weirded out by the thought of using medicine to change their bodies. That said, they don’t want those changes to be overly noticeable. Baywatch bodies and Barbie smiles are out. Smaller breasts and incremental progress are in.

The following cosmetic options had the highest concentration of RealSelf millennial users in 2015. In many cases, people aged 35 and under accounted for nearly half of all traffic to these topics.


Chart: Millennials and Plastic Surgery: What They Researched Most in 2015


Stretch marks treatment

In 2014, 90 percent of all new mothers were millennials. Unlike their moms, however, millennial mothers have a variety of options to address post-pregnancy changes, including stretch marks. That may be why last year 18- to 35-year-olds made up 51 percent of all pageviews to stretch marks treatment content on RealSelf.


Tattoo removal

It’s no secret millennials are the most inked American generation so the increase in tattoo removal isn’t necessarily a surprise. (We actually wrote about it last year.) That interest, though, is gaining with nearly half of all 2015 traffic to tattoo removal content coming from millennials.


Acne scars treatment

46 percent of all traffic to content about acne scars treatment came from millennials, suggesting that men and women are more likely to seek answers online for common skincare concerns. In particular, millennial men are interested in what they can do about their skin. Dermatologists say acne scar treatment is the No. 1 reason young men book an appointment.



Microneedling was one of the most discussed beauty options in 2015, and that’s not going away anytime soon. A survey of 500 board-certified doctors predicted this non-surgical skin rejuvenation technique is only going to be more popular this year.


Brazilian butt lift and rhinoplasty

Both of these surgeries are big shots in plastic surgery, and in 2015, millennials accounted for 53 percent and 48 percent of all traffic to these topics. What’s that mean? Young people aren’t afraid to research their medical options. Maybe you’ll get work done, maybe you won’t, but letting negative stigma hold you back has never been more out of style.


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