When it comes to being ready on time, ladies get a bad rap. But just how well-deserved is the old cliché of a man waiting downstairs hungry while his date finishes her makeup? To find out, RealSelf and GroomingLounge.com surveyed more than 400 men and women about just how long it takes them to turn into Cinderella and Prince Charming.


Are Men the Real Bathroom Hogs?

Men win the mirror wars

Between showering, blowouts, and makeup, you’d think women take longer to get ready in the morning, right? Think again: the majority of surveyed women (30 percent) spend only 16 to 30 minutes on their morning routine. Men tend to spend longer at the sink, with 41 percent taking 31 to 45 minutes to get ready. A total 71 percent of men spend more than 31 minutes primping, compared to 63 percent of women.

However, when it comes to really taking your time, women still get the gold: 11 percent spend more than one hour getting ready in the morning. Only 2 percent of men are willing to set their alarms that early.


Boys and barber shops

With the rise of blow dry bars and high-end barbershops, women and men have more options than ever for hair care, and guys, it seems, are particularly happy about it. 70 percent of men spend one to three hours a month getting groomed compared to 39 percent of women.

The majority of women — 49 percent — report spending less than an hour a month on hair care. Only 24 percent of men said the same.

What’s behind the high levels of interest? Mike Gilman, founder of GroomingLounge.com, offers these thoughts: “When we started this business 16 years ago, I suspect men on average were spending far less time on grooming, partially because they had so few options.” Times, it seems, have changed and men couldn’t be happier about it.


Ladies take the lead

Beauty isn’t only a man’s game, though. Women are more likely to invest in “personal care,” which includes everything from going to the dentist to booking a massage to getting your nails done. Each month, 21 percent of women devote more than three hours to general beauty upkeep, as compared to only 5 percent of men. 

Less than three hours, though, and men show more interest. 65 percent spend one to three hours a month on general upkeep, compared to 49 percent of women.


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