Beverly Hills may have a plastic reputation but it’s actually Miami that’s home to the most plastic surgeons per capita, according to RealSelf data. We computed the number of plastic surgeons per capita at the metro level to see which had the highest concentration of plastic surgeons. Here’s what we found.

Map: The Top 10 U.S. Metro Areas With the Most Plastic Surgeons Per Capita

Table: Beauty Capitals: The 10 U.S. Metros With the Most Plastic Surgeons Per 100,00 ResidentsMiami has nearly four plastic surgeons for every 100,000 residents. In fact, 231 plastic surgeons work in the Miami metro area, which means plenty of options for prospective patients.

Not far behind on the top 10 list is Salt Lake City. That may be a surprise for a city famed for its conservative roots (51 percent of Utah residents attend church every week, the highest percentage in the country, says Gallup) but it’s no secret how popular plastic surgery is in Utah. 

“Utah is home to a sophisticated, well-educated population concerned about health and appearance,” says Salt Lake plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Saltz. “So it’s not surprising that Salt Lake has become a destination for patients who want safe, cutting-edge aesthetic surgery.”

Also at play are women having children at a young age. Dr. Saltz has seen many women in their late 20s looking to reverse the wear and tear of pregnancy.

On a state level, California takes the most spots on the Top 10 list with 2.98 plastic surgeons per 100,000 residents in Los Angeles, 2.82 in San Jose, and 2.74 in San Francisco. See where else made the list.

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To calculate the number of plastic surgeons per capita, RealSelf first calculated the numbers of plastic surgeons in a metro area. For the purposes of this analysis, RealSelf defined metro areas according to the United States Office of Management and Budget Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) definitions, released February 2013. Both metropolitan and micropolitan areas were included. Plastic surgeons were assigned to an area based on the ZIP code of their primary office location. Population data was calculated by adding the 2014 U.S. Census Bureau population estimates for individual counties within a CBSA. For the purposes of the top 10 list above, only areas with a population 1 million and above were included. The full dataset is available upon request.