No matter where you live in America, one thing’s for sure: there’s always a lawyer nearby. A plastic surgeon, however, may be harder to find.

RealSelf tapped legal guidance website Avvo to find out where you can find a lawyer and paired this with our own data on where you can find a plastic surgeon. The verdict? For thousands of Americans, filing a lawsuit is far easier than booking a plastic surgery consultation.

In the continental U.S., you’re always within 60 miles (as the crow flies) from a lawyer. But there are whole swaths of the country — 10 percent, most notably northeast Montana, northwest North Dakota, and central Nevada — without access to a plastic surgeon.


Finding a Lawyer Is Easier Than Finding a Plastic Surgeon


This matters for a few reasons. More Americans than ever are choosing to get cosmetic procedures. But plastic surgeons also do other work that restores a person’s confidence. Just imagine, for example, having to drive more than 150 miles to get breast reconstruction after battling cancer.

That’s the reality for millions of people. Approximately 4,400 out of the over 30,000 ZIP codes analyzed are located 50 or more miles as the crow flies from a plastic surgeon; 770 are 100 or more miles away, and 145 are 150 miles or more.

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RealSelf Icon (blue)Methodology

RealSelf compared data on plastic surgeon office locations in the continental United States to a data set provided by Avvo containing the same information on lawyers in their database. In order to find the ZIP codes farthest from a professional, the minimum distance between a ZIP code without a surgeon and one with a surgeon’s office was calculated using the ZIP code distance database published online by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).