If your gym seems more crowded than usual, it’s likely you’re vying for the treadmill with brides-to-be who are getting ready to rock their dress in a few thousand photos. But more and more often, pre-wedding prep is going beyond the old standbys of diet, exercise, and good skincare.

On RealSelf, thousands of cosmetic treatment reviews from our community members mention an upcoming wedding. They’re usually written by brides-to-be, but bridesmaids and mothers of the bride also want dewy skin and dazzling smiles.

What treatments are they getting most often? According to our analysis, teeth top the list. Compared to other topics on RealSelf, teeth whitening and straightening (think Invisalign) have the highest rate of reviews mentioning the words “wedding” or “getting married.” In fact, brides-to-be on RealSelf write reviews of orthodontic treatments three times more often than youth-boosting injectables like Botox.

As one bride-to-be wrote in her review of Invisalign, “My wedding is in August of next summer, and after years of wishing for braces (my parents could never afford them), I decided that it was time for me to get them myself. I refuse to spend my wedding day being self-conscious about my smile.”

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Out of the top 10 treatments these women are reviewing, nine are noninvasive or minimally invasive. These include skin-perfecting procedures like chemical peels, acne treatments, and laser resurfacing. The only surgical procedure to make the list was rhinoplasty, which falls at #10. 

Table: Top 10 treatments brides are getting before the big dayAnother surprising trend among brides? Trying to get rid of that pesky bulge under the arms. With strapless dresses being the most popular cut on the market, doctors are getting creative with off-label treatments to nix the fat in that area. In fact, doctors report using CoolSculpting’s CoolMini and Kybella (FDA-approved to eliminate fat under the chin) to spot treat that area.

Next up: this year’s top pre-wedding treatment for grooms. (Hint: It’s a noninvasive way to accentuate the jaw that doubles as a grooming technique.) 


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