Longer, lazier days mean fewer clothes, more beach time, and amped-up social calendars that will undoubtedly result in a few selfies. It’s no wonder that in the past few months, RealSelf has seen increased interest in cosmetic treatments designed to address areas on display: targeted fat reduction, lip augmentation, and facelifts.

Here are the top trends* leading into summer:


Minimally Invasive Fat Reduction

To melt or freeze fat? That seems to be the big question on the minds of RealSelf members.

CoolSculpting, which freezes and destroys fat in tough spots like love handles, is one of the most-researched and fastest-growing treatments on our site. We’ve seen interest nearly double from last year, with people visiting RealSelf almost a million times this spring to learn more about this fat-freezing treatment.

Worth It Rating: 83% Say Yes

Average Cost: $2,225

What the doctor says: “Patients rarely talk about pounds, they discuss wanting to lose inches,” says New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Weintraub. “They often have new ‘fat’ wardrobes that tend to make them sad. After CoolSculpting, my patients come in smiling and wearing either new, smaller-sized clothes, or clothes they hadn’t been able to fit into for years.”

Below, Beverly Hills-based Dr. Sheila Nazarian shares a video of performing CoolSculpting on herself:


But CoolSculpting isn’t for everyone. As we’ve recently seen, some like it hot. Vanquish, a non-invasive procedure using radiofrequency energy that heats and kills fat cells, is the warmer alternative. On RealSelf, visits researching Vanquish were up 62% over last year.

Worth It Rating: 67% Say Yes

Average Cost: $2,350

What the doctor says: “People are loving it,” says Newport Beach, Calif., plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Nichter, adding that Vanquish is best for those who are already exercising, making healthy choices, and have a fat-loss goal of 5 to 10 pounds.

“Those are the ideal patients who are putting in the work, but need a little extra push to get them where they want to be,” Dr. Nichter says. “We always tell them this is to make you look better at any weight. It never replaces diet and exercise, and it’s not to lose weight, though it’s a nice perk.”


Lip Augmentation

The quest for fuller lips has never been stronger, especially with It Girls like Kylie Jenner pouting away on Instagram. Overall, interest in lip augmentation procedures is especially high among 18- to 24-year-olds.

In this category, the growth winner is injectable filler Restylane Silk. Consumer interest in this treatment has more than doubled, up 113% since last spring, with above-average interest  among the 45-and-older set. Research for lip implants has also seen a boost, up 51% in the same time period.

Worth It Ratings and Average Costs:

Restylane Silk: 96% // $650

Lip implants: 76% // $2,450

What the doctor says: “The addition of lidocaine into the hyaluronic acid makes the procedure much more comfortable for patients,” says Dr. Weintraub. “I prefer to use Restylane Silk because this is the finest of all hyaluronic acid fillers and produces a fluffy, natural lip.”

Los Angeles-based Dr. Jason Emer posted this video showing a Restylane Silk injection:



Skin Tightening and Facelifts

We’ve also seen a significant boost in consumers looking at different procedures to lift the skin on the face and neck. ThermiTight, which uses a minimally invasive probe to tighten sagging skin, has seen an 82% uptick since last spring.

Other types of lifts, including thread lift and lower facelift, are also up 71% and 62% respectively. We recently also wrote about the rising interest in the Silhouette Instalift, a popular procedure in Europe that recently won FDA approval in the U.S. It involves threading dissolvable sutures into the cheeks to hold the skin up, with results lasting roughly two years.

Worth It Ratings and Average Costs:

ThermiTight: 85% // $3,000

Thread lift: 53% // $2,600

Lower facelift: 97% // $9,550

What the doctor says: “I have noticed an increase in patients who want facelifts, both lower facelifts and short-scar facelifts,” Dr. Weintraub says. “At a certain age, lasers and machines can only do so much to stop the true culprit of what makes a person look old — the underlying layers below the skin that need to be restructured.” 


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*Trending treatments and procedures on RealSelf were computed by calculating the percentage change in the number of visits (sessions) to RealSelf (web and app) comparing months March/April/May of 2015 and 2016.