Facial and nose contouring is hot right now — especially among millennials.

Buccal fat removal slims the fat pads in the cheeks to reveal more defined cheekbones. On RealSelf, interest is up 44% year over year with above-average traffic from 18- to 35-year-olds. As of this writing, it has a Worth It Rating of 86%.

We’ve also seen strong interest in non-surgical nose jobs, which use liquid injections like Radiesse or Sculptra to add volume or smooth out problem areas. We last wrote about this trend in February, but it continues to be of interest to our audience. We’ve seen the number of visits to RealSelf researching non-surgical nose jobs increase 42% in the past year, with three-quarters of that traffic coming from people under 35. Those who’ve had the procedure give it a 95% Worth It Rating.

We talked to two RealSelf Top Doctors, New York City-based Dr. Dara Liotta and Dr. Brent Moelleken of Beverly Hills, to learn more about why each of these procedures is trending now, and here’s what they had to say.


Dr. Liotta on non-surgical nose jobs


How much interest are you seeing for non-surgical nose jobs in your practice?

“I’m doing three to four consults for liquid rhinoplasty per week,” Dr. Liotta says. “Two to three patients per week end up being good candidates and going ahead with the procedure.”


What is the average age of patients seeking this out?

“These patients definitely tend to be younger, early 20s is most common. Many are models, actresses, and social media celebrities. People who are looking at themselves and the subtle imperfections.”


Why is this trending now?

“Social media! And increased awareness that injection rhino is possible,” she says. “[There is] lower cost, no downtime, subtle change, [and it’s] reversible. I only use hyaluronic acid filler.”


What are some essential questions to ask your doctor before the procedure?

“What filler they are using?” she says. “Because of the low — but real — risk of vascular compromise, in my opinion, hyaluronic acid fillers should only be used, so they can be dissolved if there is an issue. And how many they do? There is a learning curve and a lot of subtleties to injecting.”


Who is this treatment not a good fit for?

“People who want to make their nasal tip smaller, or who are looking to de-project the nose or significantly rotate the nose. Or patients who want a permanent fix.”


Dr. Moelleken on buccal fat removal


How many of these procedures are you doing in your practice?

“Three per month.”


What’s the average age of patients seeking this procedure?

“Patients in their late 20s or 30s who have ‘chipmunk cheeks.’”


Why is this trending now?

“Buccal fat removal is a little-known procedure,” Dr. Moelleken told us. “When people hear they don’t have to live with the chipmunk cheeks that make them look like their older family members, they are excited and get the word out.”


What essential questions should you ask your doctor before the procedure?

“By far the most important question is: ‘Is it necessary?’ There should be a familial tendency. It shouldn’t generally be done in the early 20s since the buccal fat can ‘burn off’ during the 20s and early 30s. Very few doctors know how to reverse the effects of buccal fat pad removal, so it is generally an irreversible process.”


What’s the average downtime?

“[There is] very little down time, perhaps a long weekend.”


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Trending treatments and procedures on RealSelf were computed by calculating the percentage change in the number of visits (sessions) to RealSelf (web and app) comparing months March/April/May of 2015 and 2016.