The media’s obsession with bountiful backsides is in no way behind us, and doctors are seeking new ways to sculpt the buttocks. One of the latest techniques involves physicians using the injectable Sculptra, FDA-approved to treat mild to severe facial wrinkles, to give patients more shapely behinds.

Beverly Hills physician Dr. Simon Ourian has a patient list that includes former Real Housewife Kim Zolciak and the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, and a social media following that rivals that of his A-list clientele. He cited a cost of approximately $15,000 to $40,000 per treatment for the buttocks with Sculptra. While the price tag is significant, patients seeking a way to boost their backsides without going under anesthesia might consider it worth it. 

We talked to Dr. Ourian, who told us that he’s already performed “hundreds” of Sculptra butt augmentations, to get the lowdown on the latest development in the quest for a bigger behind.


RealSelf: How long have you been using Sculptra?

Dr. Ourian: Sculptra has been a part of our practice since it received FDA approval in 2009. At that time, Sculptra was approved for the correction of nasolabial fold volume depletion [those lines around the nose that deepen with age].

Sculptra is different from other fillers in that effects produced are not from the product itself, but from the body’s production of collagen in response to the injections. Therefore, the results develop in the months following treatment.

RS: What made you see Sculptra’s potential to sculpt the butt?

Dr. Ourian: My experience with Sculptra’s collagen-building properties predisposed me to regard it as an ideal choice for butt augmentation. But it is not my goal to be the “first” to try a new procedure, as I don’t believe that best serves the interests of all my patients. I generally wait for my colleagues to begin reporting results before I adopt a new treatment. At that point, I will sift through all the anecdotal information to develop a treatment protocol that I feel will offer the best results.

RS: How many Sculptra treatments have you performed on the buttocks?

Dr. Ourian: I have had the opportunity to perform hundreds of Sculptra butt augmentations. As you are likely aware, the popularity of this treatment had exploded in the past year as notions of the ideal body type have, once again, shifted. Patients respond by requesting augmentation to match the butt shape of celebrities and Instagram stars.

RS: What results are you seeing?

Dr. Ourian: For the ideal candidate who is small-framed, not overweight, and looking for a one or two size increase, this is a great option. As with all the treatments we offer, the goal is natural-looking results. My patients and I are very pleased with the outcomes we’ve been able to provide.

RS: Are there any side effects?

Dr. Ourian: Possible swelling and bruising at the injection site, as well as possible development of small, non-visible, bumps under the skin.

RS: What is the downtime for a Sculptra procedure on the buttocks?

Dr. Ourian: As opposed to the two weeks-plus downtime associated with fat transfer or implant surgery, there is no downtime. Residual soreness is a possibility, but not so much as to impact the patient’s ability to go about his or her daily activities.

RS: Who’s the ideal candidate for this treatment?

Dr. Ourian: The ideal candidate for this procedure, really any procedure we offer, wants to do this for herself (yes, nearly all of our butt augmentation patients are women), and not at the behest of someone else.

She should be healthy and prepared to make any necessary lifestyle changes, especially quitting smoking, to ensure the best result. Finally, she should fully understand the procedure, potential side effects, and recovery. Sculptra butt augmentation is an excellent option for someone without sufficient fat for transfer, or does not want to undertake the risks associated with surgical procedures.

RS: What does this treatment entail?

Dr. Ourian: The main benefit of Sculptra is the collagen-building process the injections generate. This response by the body takes time, and results are not immediately apparent. Therefore, we like to schedule multiple sessions a few weeks apart so that we can gauge the ongoing results. For optimal results, there are typically one to three sessions with 20 to 50 vials used per session.

RS: What is the average cost for using Sculptra to enhance the buttocks?

Dr. Ourian: $15,000 to $40,000. (Editor’s note: According to RealSelf members, the average cost of a Sculptra treatment for the face is $1,850.)


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