We’ve turned 10! We’re proud to have played a role in opening up the conversation about aesthetic treatments over the past decade.

Today, more than 9 million people visit RealSelf every month to learn about nearly 400 different aesthetic treatments and directly connect with doctors. Nearly 70,000 healthcare providers have a presence on RealSelf, and so far, doctors have provided over 1.7 million answers to our members’ questions.

What’s been one of the biggest changes? Increasingly, our community connects with us on the go. Over the past year, our members have viewed about 1 billion pieces of content (on the web and our app). As of last month, three-quarters of those people came to us via a mobile device.

We’re looking back at the 10 defining cultural moments of the past 10 years that brought cosmetic surgery into the mainstream. But we’re also excited to look forward. No matter what the future brings, RealSelf will continue to bring transparency to cosmetic treatments, giving people the real story and the support they need to make confident decisions.