This year, RealSelf visitors have viewed more than a billion pages of content while researching over 400 treatments. What continues to rule? Non-surgical procedures like lasers, fillers, and fat-blasting techniques were fueled by celebrity endorsements, whether official or a simple rave via social, as stars continued to publicly own what they’ve had done.

Here are the biggest trends of 2016.

Major celeb moments

Perhaps more than any other year, 2016 marked a huge cultural shift toward admitting that it’s OK to change something about your appearance. In fact, many people are celebrating it as the ultimate personal choice.

This year, Iggy Azalea, Ariel Winter, and, of course, the Kardashian-Jenners fueled more women openly acknowledging and even praising their nips and tucks. We saw major upticks in interest from a couple major celeb moments, too.

When Chelsea Handler took to Instagram to show her before and afters from a ProFractional laser treatment, our traffic blew up.

Handler, who is no stranger to documenting her body on social, revealed a very real shot of her face before and after the treatment. The results were nothing short of astounding, as was her praise for her glowing skin:

“Before and after.#profractional laser,” she wrote. “Its f—ing awesome and no one is paying me to tell you about it. Bam!” – Chelsea Handler

Comparing the four weeks before Handler’s Instagram post to the four weeks after, we saw a 2,537 percent increase in the number of visits to RealSelf in the U.S. to research the ProFractional laser treatment, which currently has a Worth It Rating of 82 percent.

Another major jump came from Sharon Osbourne, who has never been shy about keeping it real about plastic surgery. On “The Talk,” she was candid about using the Halo laser to lift and tighten the skin on her face, jokingly telling her co-hosts when they complimented her looks, “Well, I’ve got my third face right now. Face three and counting.”

We saw interest in the Halo Laser more than triple, up 204 percent, in the four weeks after Osbourne credited it on TV, compared to the preceding four weeks. As of this date, the Worth It Rating is 88 percent for the treatment.


Beauty capitals

If you think Orange County is the plastic surgery capital of the country, think again. RealSelf data analysts looked at the U.S. and computed the top 10 metro areas with the most interest per capita in surgical cosmetic treatments and in non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Here’s what we found:






Was it really the year of the neck?

In 2015, doctors said that this would be the “year of the neck.” New treatments like Kybella continued to see interest grow on our site throughout the year, with 2.7 times the interest in the third quarter of this year over last.

Anecdotally, RealSelf doctors continue to tell us that Kybella is one of the most asked-about and requested treatments in their practices. With significant marketing and advertising campaigns behind the fat-melting injection for double chins, we don’t expect this to wane any time soon. It currently has a Worth It Rating of 87 percent.


Fillers will rule in 2017

Dermal fillers are undeniably hot with an overall 20 percent growth, and one particularly has doctors and patients buzzing: lip-plumper Juvederm’s Volbella. After its FDA approval in June, we saw interest in the U.S. for Volbella more than double in the following four weeks, up 118 percent.

With consumers flocking to fillers, 2017 should see even more interest in non-surgical trends. Here’s our take on what will continue to be the big influencers in behavior going into the New Year:

  • Celebrities: Like never before, celebrities like Kaley Cuoco and Kim Kardashian West are owning up to the practices that have helped them achieve a seemingly effortless appearance. Additionally, the media has a more accepting tone when it comes to cosmetic procedures, giving kudos to stars for being honest and making decisions that help them feel the most confident.
  • Social media: With communities across almost every social media channel dedicated to everything from anti-aging treatments to mommy makeovers, we are seeing more open and honest conversations are decreasing the stigma around plastic surgery. With greater transparency, will come more acceptance.
  • Body positivity: While the body-positivity movement may seem counter to social acceptance of cosmetic treatments, we’ve also started to realize that some cosmetic procedures are as normal a beauty practice as coloring our hair, getting braces or an eyebrow wax. Many cosmetic treatments are safe, effective options that no one should feel pressure to do, but are also a choice that a person shouldn’t have to defend.
  • Technology: With the launch of new applications for popular treatments like CoolSculpting, and new minimally invasive technologies like Volbella, we are seeing the revolution of safer, accessible solutions coming to market, and consumers will continue to have more choices.

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