Liposuction is one of the most popular ways to lose excess fat, but it is a surgery that requires ample recovery time and supplies. From compression garments to bandages, here’s everything you should get before a liposuction procedure.

Here’s a list of supplies compiled from real people’s feedback and reviews left on RealSelf, to help you have the best experience possible.


To-do before lipo:

  1. Get a regular physical to make sure you’re healthy.
  2. Get your pain meds in order. Usually they’re only needed for the first week, then you can switch to Tylenol.
  3. Ensure compression garments are the right fit.
  4. Get some books and videos to keep yourself entertained. Recovery can be long.
  5. Schedule lymphatic massages for after the surgery if your doctor doesn’t provide them.
  6. Clean the house and go grocery shopping.
  7. Meal preparation is key — you won’t feel like cooking after surgery. Make large batches of soup and any other type of meal that can be made in bulk, then freeze single servings. Have grab-and-go items on hand, like protein bars, Jell-O, real fruit popsicles, pre-cut veggies and dips.
  8. Prepare your nest. Clear clutter, even cleaning out your heavy purses and bags (you won’t feel like lifting them later), organize recovery clothing, move a table or nightstand closer to your bed, and position everything in easy reach in the bedroom and kitchen.


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Must-have’s for lipo recovery:

  1. Urinal
  2. Plastic gloves
  3. Alcohol swabs
  4. Neosporin
  5. Antibacterial soap
  6. Ear plugs and sleeping mask
  7. Compression garments (many people on RealSelf recommend buying two!)
  8. Ice packs
  9. Blow-up ring to put on the toilet to help you sit/make it less painful
  10. Loose, baggy clothing that is easy to get on and off
  11. Extra pillows
  12. Extra towels or old bed sheets to put down in the car, sofa or bed for leakage
  13. Protein shakes/meal replacements (you might not be able to eat for the first few days)
  14. Arnica cream/gel for bruising
  15. Lipo foam
  16. Gauze/tape for incision sites
  17. Compression socks
  18. Body wipes
  19. Stool softner
  20. Entertainment to keep you from getting bored during recovery
  21. Gatorade/water
  22. Vitamin C

Nice-to-have’s for lipo recovery:

  1. Ice pack with straps so you can walk around
  2. Shower chair
  3. Flex straws make drinking in awkward positions easier
  4. Razors with built-in shave bars
  5. Disposable cups, plates, utensils. Nobody feels like doing dishes after surgery.