Is it just us or do the holidays always seem to be the busiest time of year? Not helping: All those social commitments you’ve got on your calendar. Between buying gifts, seeing family, and, you know, everyday life, it’s hard to stay fresh-faced and party-ready.

Now you can hit “reset” before your next big holiday event. These new treatments have little to no downtime, but offer improvements that’ll last all season long.


Perk up those sparklers

We may adore dangling earrings but they can they be heavy. If, after years of sporting gorgeous gems, your lobes could use a little pick-me-up for the holidays, try fillers for a quick fix.

“This is one of my favorite things to do for patients,” says Dr. Michele S. Green, a dermatologist in New York City. “Putting a little bit of Juvéderm or Restylane in your lobes makes those diamonds pop!”

Also ask about LiveFill, says Dr. Brent Moelleken, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. “I do this on many patients,” he says. “It really works on ears that have gotten long and saggy over the years.”


Hello, holiday hands!

‘Tis the season for … getting engaged. Nearly 40 percent of all engagements happen between November and February, and doctors on RealSelf notice. They see an uptick in patients seeking treatments to rejuvenate their hands, many for that #ringselfie moment.

“Every holiday season, my office sees a definite increase,” says New York plastic surgeon Dr. Barry M. Weintraub. Part of that is interest in reversing damage done during the warmer months. “No matter how much sunscreen you might use, freckles and hyperpigmentation happen,” he says. No need to live with it forever!


Off-the-shoulder ready

The temperature isn’t the only thing dropping. Holiday looks mean bare skin that might be worse for wear after a summer in the sun.

“Patients often forget about this area when they get facial treatments,” says Dr. Green. But never fear, laser treatments like IPL and Fraxel will have your fresh face matching those bare shoulders soon.

Dr. Moelleken sees all types going under the laser for a little extra rejuvenation: “Tennis players, cyclists, runners, golfers, hikers, walkers — anybody who has seen the sun!”

Winter is a great time for laser treatments like IPL and Fraxel, but they can require a little more downtime than other treatments. Give yourself a couple weeks and stay out of the sun.

A mistletoe must

Keep your lovely lip color right where you want it to be, a.k.a. flawless all night long, with a little Volbella. This simple injection means there’s less chance your lipstick will stray.

“We use small and precise injections in the lips to help prevent lipstick from bleeding,” says Dr. Weintraub. “Plus, it provides an attractive pout.”

Bonus: Those annoying vertical lines vanish, too.

“Women who have vertical lipstick lines find this type of treatment extremely beneficial,” Dr. Weintraub adds. And those lines? Often they’re genetic. “With a bit of Botox, too, they can be completely eliminated.”

Holiday ready yet? Find a doctor.