There was a time when plastic surgery provoked thoughts of outlandish results. Frozen faces, lips so plump they were ready to pop, and breast implants the size of watermelons. Thankfully, the top trends of 2017 make those stereotypes feel downright archaic.

Oversized features are out and natural-looking results are now all the rage.

“I have seen a real surge in patients wanting to look natural, natural, and natural,” said Dr. Barry Weintraub, a New York City plastic surgeon. “They understand that a ‘trendy’ look is fine to follow in fashion, but the classic look of natural is the best bet when it comes to something permanent.”

The treatments patients choose to get those natural-looking results vary. From more significant changes, like a mommy makeover, to simple non-surgical treatments to improve their skin.

Let’s take a closer look at what was hot in 2017.


A ‘Real Housewife’ gets a lift

Tamra Judge, of Real Housewives of Orange County fame, made headlines when she showed off the results of her facelift on Instagram — and was super candid on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “Pull it, don’t plump it,” she proudly declared of her neck and lower facelift, calling the move a “comeback.”

I’m getting an overwhelming amount of messages about my surgury. I thought I’d post some of your answers here. My doctors name is Dr. Milind Ambe of Newport Beach , @milindambemd you’ve probably seen him on the show before. These pics were taking all within the first week. Yes I was scared shitless! But I’ve seen Dr. Ambe’s work on my Mom and knew I was in good hands. I wanted a very natural look and it’s exactly what he’s known for. There was little pain and bruising involved (everyone is different) the hardest part for me was staying still for 2 weeks. On day 12 I got the stomach flu which sucked! Today it’s been 17 days and I feel great, my neck is still stiff and my ears and jawline are slightly swollen and numb. That will all change in a few weeks. Incision are behind my ear and hairline, under my chin. If you have any personal questions send me an email I’m open and honest about it because I want women to know that everyone gets old even people on TV and there is nothing wrong with growing old gracefully if that’s what you want…… It’s jut not for me! 😂. I like to keep it real! #lowerfacelift #eyetuck. #callitacomeback 😂

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She was hardly the only one. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken said mini facelifts — which include all of the steps of a facelift, but are done to a lesser degree and result in little to no downtime or scarring — were a celebrity favorite in 2017. Dr. Moelleken also said 360 facelifts were among the most popular procedures in his office this year. A 360 facelift combines treatment for the face and neck to rejuvenate the face.

Combining surgical treatments were also trending in popularity in Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. William Bruno’s office. He noticed increased interest in mommy makeovers and other combination treatments this year. By combining treatments, patients get major results, but without multiple phases of recovery.

Dr. Weintraub said more patients have come to him searching for natural-looking rhinoplasty surgery. Including, many coming in for revision rhinoplasty to achieve a more natural result.

“They understand that a fake-looking nose is aging, so I do a lot of revision rhinoplasty work,” Dr. Weintraub said.


Skin tightening and microblading were all the rage

When it comes to the top non-surgical treatments, skin is in. From microneedling — which rejuvenates skin by promoting increased collagen production — to radiofrequency and laser treatments to tighten skin.

Dr. Moelleken said radiofrequency treatments are on the rise, including skin-tightening treatments like FaceTite, BodyTite and Fractora — which can tighten skin and reduce the appearance of scars or discolored skin tone.

On RealSelf, microblading was on the rise in a major way. Sparse eyebrows are a thing of the past.

What will be hot in 2018?

Doctors on RealSelf say we’ll continue to see more interest in minimally invasive treatments. Dr. Bruno said he expects non-surgical facial rejuvenation to continue to rise in 2018. Dr. Moelleken expects many non-surgical treatments to be trending next year.

“Minimally invasive will continue to soar as patients are busy and want the maximal results without actual surgery,” Dr. Moelleken said.

On the surgical side, Dr. Bruno said he expects combined surgeries, like mommy makeovers, to continue to become more popular. Breast augmentation remains one of, if not the most, commonly requested procedures. That likely won’t change in 2018, but Dr. Weintraub said the method might start to change slightly. He said he expects fat transfer to the breasts, rather than breast augmentation with implants to become more popular.