There was a time, not long ago, when a cosmetic eyebrow treatment likely meant thin, tattooed eyebrows that looked more “done with a Sharpie” than “on fleek.” Enter microblading.

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that uses pigment to fill in sparse eyebrows. The treatment uses fine strokes that mimic the appearance of actual hair. The result is natural-looking, full eyebrows that can last two years or longer with occasional touch-ups.


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With great results and a price tag of roughly $425 every couple years, the popularity of microblading is booming. On RealSelf, we saw a 91 percent increase in microblading interest in December 2017 compared to the same month a year before. Doctors are seeing a surge in their offices as well.

“This past year, microblading seems to be on the top of services clients are requesting,” medical aesthetician Debe Greene said about Dr. Patricia Faraz-Eslami’s practice in Ladera Ranch, California.

Dr. J. Phillip Garcia, a facial plastic surgeon in Jacksonville, Florida, estimated that his microblading business has tripled in the last year.


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According to Greene, patients come in wanting to add definition, shape or color to their eyebrows, whether it’s restoring brows from over-tweezing or just wanting some extra fullness without having to apply makeup every day.

“Whether they’ve plucked them too much and the hair isn’t growing back, or if they’ve just had hair loss from aging, every microblading client wants to make their brows look filled in with a nice shape,” said Dr. Justin Harper of Columbus, Ohio.

With more people getting interested in microblading, we asked the experts for some extra insight into what you can expect.


Who is a good candidate for Microblading?

“Anyone who feels the need to accentuate or build their brow with makeup,” said Dr. Garcia. “Patients with less oily skin tend to have better results. Oilier skin types tend to lose the sharpness of microbladed hair strokes and should be advised accordingly.”

And there is no age limit for great eyebrows. Dr. Harper said his clients typically range from 18 to 65.


What results can I expect?

When done well, microblading can transform thin eyebrows to thick and reshaped. Dr. Garcia said the best microblading results end with an eyebrow that “looks natural, with long-lasting results, proportional to the face, looks like hair and complements skin tone.”

Greene said that getting the pigment color correct is very important. The pigment used should be adjusted for your specific skin tone.

So if fuller brows are your ultimate goal, look no further. Microblading can give you eyebrows with natural-looking results, without daily effort.


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