Would you judge a romantic partner for wanting a cosmetic treatment?  It likely depends on the procedure.

In a new Google survey commissioned by RealSelf, nearly half of U.S. respondents (45 percent) said that if their partner or potential date wanted a cosmetic treatment it wouldn’t change how they felt about them.

When users on RealSelf, a.k.a. people who already have an interest in cosmetic treatments, were asked that same question in a separate survey, the number was even higher. More than two-thirds of RealSelf respondents (69 percent) said that if their partner wanted cosmetic work done, they’d be OK with it.




More interesting: People really care about what their partner wants done. Nearly 40 percent said how they felt about the revelation would depend on what cosmetic procedure their love interest wanted. That number was 22 percent for RealSelf respondents.


Differences by region

In the Google survey, Midwest respondents had the strongest negative reaction to their partner considering or getting a cosmetic treatment. Twenty percent said they’d view their date more negatively if they wanted work done.

That was more than twice the proportion of those in the South (9 percent) and the West Coast (10 percent), and significantly more than the Northeast (13 percent).


Differences by age and gender

Age makes a difference. More than half of people over 45 were open to their partner getting a cosmetic treatment, while only 37 percent of respondents younger than 45 felt the same way.

And this might be a surprise: Men are more likely to have a positive opinion about their partner getting cosmetic treatments than women.


What’s this tell us?

While celebrities, like Amber Rose and Katy Perry, are getting more comfortable sharing their cosmetic treatment stories, many of us might be following their lead. 

The good news? There’s no rule book — just like the decision to get something done should be yours, so should the decision of whether or not to share. In the end, it’s up to you.


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*Methodology: Google Consumer Survey: U.S. men and women, data weighted to reflect accurate age/gender/region.Total sample size of 471. RealSelf Audience Survey: Audience is ~95% female. Total sample size of 1,289.