Every month, about 10 million people visit RealSelf to research cosmetic and elective treatments and share their stories.

We love these people who share. They are helping other people with vital info about price, pain and, and most importantly, results, or what we like to call our Worth It rating.

Going forward, we will pull at least one great review from RealSelf every month, highlighting someone who decided to share their story. Our top review from January is all about one of our favorite treatments: microblading.


Eyebrows before and after microblading


Review:Microblading on Overly Plucked Brows

Worth It

Price: $450

Tired of her thin eyebrows, this reviewer was ready for a change.

“My kids love to point out my lack of brows and how they are like thin mountain peaks,” she wrote on RealSelf. “I overwaxed in my teens and 20s, and now they don’t grow. I’ve been dying to do this and knew of a very reputable person near me.”

Like many people, she used a mix of online reviews and word of mouth to vet a microblading clinic near her. With that information, she was confident in her choice to go ahead with the treatment.

Two weeks after microblading, she was completely healed. “All in all, I’m very happy I did it,” she wrote. “One of the better things I’ve done as far as enhancements.”


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Why we love this story

Thin brows are an incredibly common problem — who hasn’t regretted overplucking or waxing? Fortunately, microblading is a fairly quick, reliable fix.

In fact, not every cosmetic treatment involves an operating room. According to RealSelf data, in 2017, nearly half of the people who visited our site browsed or posted questions in non-surgical treatment areas, including microblading.


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