The quest for the perfect selfie continues to escalate. Before, it was about finding good lighting and adding the right filter. Now, many people are taking it to the next step — undergoing cosmetic and elective treatments to improve their selfies.

In a recent study, 55 percent of facial plastic surgeons said they saw patients in 2017 who wanted to look better in selfies, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). That is an increase of 13 percent from 2016.

Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon in New York, said that he’s noticed a selfie impact in his practice.

“As patients have become more self-aware of their appearance — I think because of the exponential rise of selfies and social media — patients are coming in and asking for treatment for their wrinkles or prevention from getting more wrinkles,” Dr. Shafer said in an interview with RealSelf.


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This isn’t patients in their 50s and 60s trying to look younger for the next reunion photo. According to the study, 56 percent of doctors also saw an increase in patients younger than 30. Some people aren’t even coming in to treat existing concerns. They are coming in for treatments like Botox to prevent issues before they ever appear.

“I see many women and men who have started coming to my office asking to get preventative Botox with minimal to no wrinkles because they do not want to get deep wrinkles in the future,” Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh, a surgeon in Marina del Rey, California, said in an interview with RealSelf. “Some of these patients complain that they notice wrinkling around their eyes with big smiles in ‘selfies,’ or that their co-workers think they are angry when they are just deep in thought.”

Patients are using a range of treatments to get the perfect selfie, from Botox to lip augmentation to cheek fillers and more. However, there is one common theme — they all want natural-looking results. According to the study, “looking natural” was the top concern for 33 percent of patients. That’s a trend doctors on RealSelf have seen in their practices, too.

“I have seen a real surge in patients wanting to look natural, natural and natural,” Dr. Barry Weintraub, a plastic surgeon in New York, said in an interview with RealSelf. “They understand that a ‘trendy’ look is fine to follow in fashion, but the classic look of natural is the best bet when it comes to something permanent, such as surgery.”

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