CoolSculpting was already one of the top treatment options for ditching a double chin. Now, the FDA has cleared this fat-busting treatment for tightening the skin under your chin as well.

During an 18-week study, 77 percent of patients showed “improved appearance of lax tissue” while receiving CoolSculpting treatment for fat under the chin, according to a release from Allergan. The impact was noticeable as 75 percent of patients said that their chin looked more toned after the treatment.


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So what does this mean for patients? Dr. Charles A. Messa III, a plastic surgeon in Miami, said patients could receive enhanced results, seeing a contour of their skin in addition to the reduction of fat.

“In some patients, the skin tone and appearance are improved due to the accelerated collagen production produced by the cold energy delivered to the tissue,” Dr. Messa said.

It’s important to note this FDA clearance is specifically for skin tightening under the chin when using CoolSculpting’s CoolMini device. Dr. Messa said additional studies could prove similar results in other areas down the road.

For now, this is significant news for anyone considering non-surgical fat reduction under their chin. Skin tightening makes your fat reduction results shine. It’s still best to talk to your doctor about which non-surgical fat reduction treatment is right for you.

“If skin tone and appearance are improved with CoolSculpting, it may make this a better option for individuals with mild laxity,” Dr. Messa said. “If there is a significant skin looseness, or excess with muscle weakness, the patient would benefit more from a neck lift.”


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