CoolSculpting is one of the newest and hottest tools in a medical practitioner’s fat-fighting arsenal. It’s non-invasive, cheaper than liposuction, and only takes about an hour for a treatment.

In fact, CoolSculpting’s parent company Allergan has claimed that more than 6 million procedures have been done to date, and has launched a new ad campaign to support it. Check out the latest ad for CoolSculpting below.



But what do you really need to know about CoolSculpting? We rounded up some of our community’s real experiences with CoolSculpting to give you the lowdown on this popular non-surgical fat-reduction treatment.


10 things about CoolSculpting you might not know


1. 8 out of 10 people would do it again.

To date, people on RealSelf have given CoolSculpting an 70 percent Worth It rating.


2. Don’t expect major skin tightening or lifting.

While CoolSculpting just received FDA clearance for skin tightening under the chin, an area that CoolSculpting’s CoolMini applicator treats, there still needs to be additional research on any skin-tightening benefits for other body areas. If you’re looking to treat super-saggy skin, you probably won’t see a ton of improvement with CoolSculpting alone.


3. It’s definitely not pain-free

“CoolSculpting can be uncomfortable during the first five to15 minutes when the vacuum grabs the skin and fat,” says Dr. Michael Persky, a facial plastic surgeon in Encino, California.


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4. It might take two hours. 

Though it’s marketed to be an hour-long treatment, that time is for one area only. Each love handle is a separate area, and the lower abdomen counts as two, because who wants to be lopsided?


5. The treated area will look like it’s got a stick of butter underneath.

Or as one RealSelf member wrote, “It looked like I had a 1-pound piece of salmon under my skin. It was weird, but they massaged it right down.”


6. Only one treatment is needed to see a 20 to 25% fat reduction.

But if you opt for more, doctors say you can see an additional 20 to 25% reduction each time. Most patients need between one to four treatments to achieve optimal results. Here’s a great extended overview on what to expect with the treatment.


7. Some patients don’t see success in round one.

Many people find that the “second time’s a charm” to get visible results.


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8. Recovery could include days, or even weeks, of soreness.

One person on RealSelf said it was “similar to the day after you’ve done a hard work out.” CoolSculpting patients can also expect some bruising, swelling and tingling in the treated area.


9. Full results take two to three months.

Some lucky people show results within weeks, but some take up to four to six months. The most important thing to remember? Be patient with your body.


10. CoolSculpting is not an excuse to go on a calorie binge.

“If you gain weight, the remaining fat in your treated area(s) will get larger and lessen the results,” says Dr. Steven Weiner, a facial plastic surgeon in Panama City, Florida. Doctors recommend maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine to make sure your results last.


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