There’s no doubt about it: Latisse is a popular way to lengthen your eyelashes. With a 73 percent Worth It rating to date, many people on RealSelf have given it a thumbs-up and some serious raves, too.

Latisse will certainly make you shell out more than your average mascara — a two-month supply is about $125, according to prices reported on RealSelf.  You apply one drop to each lash line once daily, and since you have to consistently use Latisse to keep your luscious lashes sticking around, the cost can quickly add up.

Many people on RealSelf and beauty blogging experts have been finding creative ways to make Latisse last longer. Here’s what they recommend:


1. Use the cap

According to Latisse directions, you should apply one drop directly to the individual applicator brushes for each eye. To cut down on waste, one RealSelf reviewer crafted her own method.

“I put one drop in the cap and dip the brush in the cap,” she said. “This way, I can do both eyelids with one drop and one brush.”

This reviewer used Latisse before her wedding and said that, even with her product-conserving methods, her lashes were “ridiculously long” after three weeks.


2. Use the brushes twice

With Latisse, you get 60 applicator brushes per prescription. If you’re making the drops last longer, you’ll need the brushes to last just as long.

Dr. Eric Joseph, a West Orange, New Jersey, facial plastic surgeon, says he tells patient to use one brush for two days straight. “It can be rinsed with water in-between uses and left to air dry,” he says.

Now you’ll have the brushes you need for four months.


3. Get your own brush

Beauty in the Bag, a beauty blog, thinks it’s OK to ditch the brushes that come with the packaging and go with a skinny eyeliner brush. Others agree.

“I purchased a size 92 liner brush because the packaging brushes waste the product,” said one reviewer on RealSelf. “I wash the brush every time with antiseptic soap and dry it before using the actual product.”

Beauty in the Bag claims this method may also lessen irritation and hyperpigmentation.


4. Cut the brush in half

If you’re not down with using the same brush twice and aren’t interested in finding your own, try cutting the brushes in half. This way, you’ll use less product, and what you use will be applied more efficiently.


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5. Keep it light

Even though Latisse manufacturer Allergan recommends one drop per eye per day, many people find a full drop to be more than enough for both eyes. Of course, this depends entirely on how long you want your lashes to be.


6. Look for discounts

Many experts offer Latisse at the suggested retail price, about $125 a bottle, but there are some special offers you can find from legitimate medical providers. Take some time to shop for the most competitive price.

Some medical experts also give discounts if you get another treatment with Latisse. However, always be on the lookout for fake products and non-legitimate sources (ahem, not a good idea to buy off Craigslist).

Remember: A deal is great only if it’s the real deal.


One more thing

Some people have tried Lumigan, the glaucoma drug that inspired Latisse, as a cheaper alternative to lengthen their lashes. Dr. John LoMonaco, a Houston plastic surgeon, cautions that Lumigan is not FDA-approved for eyelash treatment. Always check with a doctor first before using any treatment and get a real prescription.


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