Lip fillers — pout-plumping injections — are super popular right now. It’s not surprising that this cosmetic treatment is so tempting. After all, practically anyone can walk in and walk out in under an hour with more luscious lips.

If you’ve already done the groundwork with our five foolproof tips to find an awesome injector, you’re probably ready for your lip filler appointment. To make sure you get the look you want, we asked three experts for their top tips when you’re in the aesthetician’s seat. Why? Because you don’t look away when you’re getting a haircut, so why would you not pay attention to the person doing your lips?


1. Explain expectations, but be open

Go in knowing what you want, but also be flexible to your injector’s suggestions.

“Discuss the aesthetic outcome you desire with your injector and make sure he/she understands your needs,” says Dr. Kristin Baird, a Longmont, Colorado, dermatologic surgeon. “Use terms such as ‘fuller,’ ‘natural-appearing’ and not ‘overdone.’ A highly trained, experienced injector will customize and choose the appropriate filler product for your lips as well.”

Dr. Daniel Levy, a Bellevue, Washington, dermatologic surgeon adds: “Know which filler is being injected and make sure the right one is selected. It should be a gel that consists of hyaluronic acid and is FDA-approved for lip augmentation. You don’t want a cheek-contouring product injected in your lips. I also suggest opting for the newer generation of hyaluronic acid gels, which cause less swelling and artificial fullness, like Volbella.”


2. While we’re at it, avoid bringing in celebrity photos

While it might be tempting to bring in photos of your favorite celebrity lips, it’s not always feasible. In fact, another’s lips, no matter how cute on her, might be a complete disaster on you.

“There are features of their lips that you may like, however trying to mimic Angelina’s or Kylie’s lips on another’s face doesn’t work well,” says Dr. Baird. “Facial structure, skin quality and age are very important factors to consider when filling lips and obtaining natural, beautiful outcomes.”


3. Check that your injector understands potential complications

Fillers typically have few complications other than swelling and bruising, but your injector should be prepared just in case.

“Make sure your M.D. is an expert and knows how to handle complications from fillers,” says Dr. Carolyn Jacob, a Chicago dermatologic surgeon. “[The injector should also have] hyaluronidase to dissolve the product if you find that it’s not done the way you expected or there is a complication.”


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4. Ask about technique

Not all injection techniques are equal. While there are several techniques to give lips different looks — think Rihanna’s cupid’s bow lip — top injectors say one thing should remain the same no matter what look you’re going for.

“Make sure that your injector places small amounts in each injection site, rather than large threads of filler in just a few sites,” says Dr. Levy. “Larger boluses of filler tend to result in an over-plumped lip appearance, even if the same total amount is used.”


5. Check the mirror

We’re not saying you have to stare in the mirror while you’re getting the injections — some of us would rather not look at the needle — but you do need to check your lips before leaving.

“The great thing about filler treatments is that they yield instant results,” says Dr. Levy. “You can pause to preview during the treatment to gauge progress and also review at the end to assess the result. This is an important part of the treatment because symmetry and fullness can be tweaked on the spot before you leave the treatment room.”


Ready to learn more about lip fillers? Find the right injector when you’re ready.