On RealSelf, we love the stories that real people share. People who leave reviews, especially with before and after photos, help pay it forward for anyone else considering a similar treatment. This month, our favorite review is all about lip fillers.



Review: Aging lips needed a bit of replenishing. Got it from Volbella.

Worth It

Price: $475

Although she had full lips when she was younger, this reviewer started to notice a change.

“I’m 52 and have been blessed with pretty, nice full lips, but for several years they have just been changing and seemed lined and not as full,” she wrote in her review on RealSelf. “Lipstick didn’t look as pretty on me anymore.”

Dr. Timothy Miller, a facial plastic surgeon in Orange County, California, recommended Volbella, a popular injectable lip filler. Volbella works by blending different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, creating subtle volume that lasts for up to a year.


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Although she was alarmed by swelling, once it went down, she was happy. “I love the result. Lips now look like they did when I was in my 20s, which is exactly what I wanted,” she wrote. “Definitely will do [it] again when needed.”


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