Chelsea Handler is known for doing her own thing — and she’s certainly not afraid to get very real via Instagram.

This past weekend, Handler took to Instagram stories to post her thoughts on the idea of getting a breast reduction.

“I just want everyone to know that this is my situation when I try to get into a bathing suit,” Handler said, recording herself in a bikini. “My boobs don’t fit into anything, so the breast reduction conversation is officially on the table.”


Photo: Chelsea Handler, Instagram


This is far from the first time Handler’s posted about her body. In 2014, she posted topless photos of herself making fun of Vladimir Putin’s famous shirtless pose on a horse, which got her into trouble with the platform for violating its community standards. And in 2016, she posted before and afters of her Fraxel laser treatment, showing tremendous results and giving a huge shoutout to the procedure.


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If Handler decides to go ahead with the breast reduction, she’ll be in good company as Amber Rose is also one of the latest celebs to publicly love the procedure. Many women choose this surgery to literally get the extra weight off their chests, which helps alleviate related neck and back pain, and is often covered by insurance if deemed medically necessary.


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