Getting breast implants removed, often called an “explant” surgery, is pretty popular these days. Whether it’s a well-known celebrity, like Victoria Beckham writing “don’t mess with your boobs” in a letter to her 18-year-old self in British Vogue, or the brave women who share their stories on RealSelf, breast implant removal often reverses boob job regret.

While Beckham, aka Posh Spice, got her implants removed years ago, this month, one person’s explant story caught our attention for her candor, great before and after photos, and successful results.

This reviewer started out as a 32B, but got breast implants because she had wanted them “for as long as I can remember.”

Sadly, what she was hoping for — a C cup — wasn’t her reality. She ended up with a 32 DD (sometimes DDD).


“345 cc’s. This was in me. Crazy.” – RealSelf reviewer


“I have been trying to accept these boobs for the past year and half, but I have not liked how I looked since I got them,” she wrote in her review on RealSelf.

“I thought I wanted bigger boobs my whole life, and maybe I did, but I hate them,” she continues. “I’m not comfortable and clothes do NOT look better on me. So out they come. Maybe I needed the boobs to fully appreciate my small boobs. I can tell you that I am super excited to have these things out. I am so excited to get my body back. Big boobs be gone!”


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She scheduled her surgery with Dr. Philip Sonderman, a plastic surgeon in Milwaukee. At first, she considered getting smaller implants, but decided to go back to her natural size. Her surgery took about a half hour, in which her surgeon made a small incision and removed the implants, then stitched her up.

She reveals that she only had a Valium and localized numbing for this removal and reported feeling relieved right away: “Once the first implant came out…I immediately smiled and felt good,” she wrote. “Just a good, honest-to-goodness, happy sigh. I know I made the right decision for me.”


Reviewer’s before and after photos from her breast implant removal surgery.


Two weeks after surgery, she still reports being satisfied with her choice. “I still don’t regret getting a breast augmentation, but I 100 percent am so, so, soooo happy that I got them out. Let me clarify: I never appreciated my body, and I was never fully happy with my body before. Now I couldn’t be happier with it! I don’t look for flaws or wish this or wish that…I’m just happy that I am me. And a natural me.”

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