Whether it’s a Real Housewife going in for vaginal rejuvenation, (Link NSFW) or someone in your spin class discussing labiaplasty (NSFW), vaginal concerns is top of mind for many women, especially moms.

Whether you’ve had children or just want a bit of maintenance, there are dozens of vaginal rejuvenation options out there. The best part? Several do not require surgery.

Here are seven treatments that address top vaginal concerns. Warning: Most of the links in this post are NSFW, so this is probably best read on a private device.



What it is: Vaginoplasty tightens the vaginal wall. This may be due to childbirth and can contribute to sexual dysfunction.

How it works: The separated muscles are brought together and the extra skin from the back of the vagina is removed. If aesthetics are a concern, external skin can be removed, too. It is typically done under general anesthesia, but some may opt for local anesthesia.

Side effects: Infection, bleeding and pain are the most common complications.

RealSelf Worth It Rating: 100 percent

Cost: $5,425


The G-Shot

What it is: A shot of hyaluronic acid targeted at the G-spot. The shot increases vaginal sensitivity leading to better orgasms.

How it works: After the patient does a self-exam to locate the spot that feels best to touch, the doctor administers a numbing shot and then the G-shot. The treatment lasts four to six months.

Side effects: Rare, but infection or issues with urinary retention may occur.

RealSelf Worth It Rating: Not reported yet.

Cost: $1,850


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Vagina facial

What it is: The vagina facial, or the “vajacial,” is exactly what it sounds like — a facial for your vaginal area. The vajacial is said to aid in the prevention of ingrown hairs and acne, soothe the skin and treat discoloration.

How it works: A vajacial is a 20-minute treatment meant to be done 10 to 20 days after a bikini wax. After removing any ingrown hairs, a “V mask” is applied to the vaginal area. Then a high-frequency wand is used to enhance blood circulation and allow the mask to penetrate the skin more deeply.

Side effects: None reported to date.

RealSelf Worth It Rating: Not reported yet.

Cost: $50



What it is: A surgical procedure to remove excess tissue from the labia. This may be due to cosmetic reasons or physical discomfort.

How it works: Can be done under local anesthesia, local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia or local with sedation are the preferred methods. There are two methods for a labiaplasty: The trim method, which creates one, long incision along the edge of the labia, or the wedge method, which produces a shorter scar. The wedge method also tightens the entire length of the labia minora and is a more complex procedure.

Side effects: Risks may include asymmetry, pigmentation or sensory changes. Significant sensation changes are rare.

RealSelf Worth It Rating: 94 percent

Cost: $4,000


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What it is: Radiofrequency energy that stimulates the body’s production of collagen, and helps tighten the vagina to increase sensation and sexual satisfaction.

How it works: One 30-minute treatment with a non-surgical device.

Side effects: Mild redness, swelling or tingling that resolves quickly.

RealSelf Worth It Rating: 100 percent

Cost: $2,825



What it is: An erbium laser treatment. Erbium lasers are designed to treat surface-level and moderate issues with minimal burning of surrounding tissue and fewer side effects, like swelling, bruising and redness. diVa tightens and improves moisture and urinary incontinence.

How it works: Three treatments over three months with a non-surgical device, and yearly maintenance after.

Side effects: Some women may experience minor discharge or spotting two to three days post-treatment.

RealSelf Worth It Rating: 98 percent

Average cost: $3,250


MonaLisa Touch

What it is: Fractional CO2 laser treatment that focuses on treating women suffering symptoms of menopause, including itching, burning, dryness and painful intercourse.

How it works: Three treatments with a non-surgical device spaced six weeks apart.

Side effects: Minor irritation and spotting that should clear up within two days.

RealSelf Worth It Rating: 91 percent

Average cost: $2,025


Editor’s note: The FDA issued a warning about vaginal rejuvenation devices on July 30, 2018. The concern is primarily around misleading marketing of the treatment, but the FDA also cites some reports of patient risks. Overall, it’s important to take this treatment seriously and do your research.