We’ve interviewed some of our favorite top medical experts and moms on RealSelf to get their beauty and life advice — and celebrate all they do. Happy Mother’s Day!

Pinky Elliott is a board-certified aesthetic nurse at SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic and Spa in Seattle. With an sizable Instagram following, Elliott is revered among her clientele as a master injector, and she also made our top injector list.

A mom of a 2-year-old daughter, Elliott is the epitome of how you work at a busy medical aesthetic spa, manage family and still have time to work your brand online with nearly 18,000 Instagram followers. Here, she tells us about the treatments and products she loves — aka sunscreen — and why she thinks dialing it down beautywise is a beautiful move for moms.

What is your biggest challenge getting out the door in the a.m.?

Finding time to put on makeup. So these days I stick to a tinted SPF and lip balm, and I’m out the door!


What does your skincare routine include?

I’m pregnant so my routine is simpler than usual. I use a cleanser by SkinMedica, iS Clinical Super Serum (antioxidant and helps with my pregnancy-related pigment), iS Clinical Reparative Emulsion Moisturizer (my skin tends to be extra dry during pregnancy), and Suntegrity SPF.

Twice a week I exfoliate with Jan Marini Bioglycolic Face Cleanser to prevent breakouts. I also use the Herbivore Lapis Oil to manage occasional breakouts since I’m currently not using retinoids [you should not use retinoids during pregnancy], which are otherwise a staple part of my skincare routine.


What else do you do to take care of you and stay healthy?

I drink a green smoothie every morning and drink plenty of water throughout the day, which is so important to maintain skin health.


What are the three biggest concerns most moms who see you have questions about?

Pigmentation issues post-pregnancy. Looking tired. Stretch marks.


What’s your favorite OTC product for busy moms?

I love tinted SPFs that also function as a moisturizer (think BB creams). Most moms are out and about throughout the day with their kids, so sun protection is a must! Using an SPF that evens out your skin tone and hydrates all in one product is a great option for busy moms. Two of my current favorites are the EltaMD UV Daily Tinted SPF 40 and Suntegrity Skincare 5 in 1  Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen SPF 30. 


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Pinky Elliott and her daughter. Photo credit: Instagram

What’s your favorite quick in-office treatment for busy moms?

Definitely Botox. It’s a quick 15- to 20-minute office visit and a great pick-me-up procedure that can help you look less tired and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I love using Botox to soften lines but leave some expression intact, which is important for many of the moms I treat.


What in-office treatments do you get yourself? What do you love?

One of my favorite in-office treatments to receive is microneedling. The skin benefits are endless, and most everyone benefits from this procedure.


What’s new and/or coming out soon that you are most excited about?

The newest procedure we are offering in our clinic that has me the most excited is PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments for skin and hair. We have treated moms for post-pregnancy hair loss and have seen great results in hair regrowth. It’s also a great treatment for overall skin rejuvenation.


What’s the best beauty advice your mom shared with you?

I grew up in India and my mom taught me the benefits of using turmeric in my diet and on my skin from an early age. It’s one of the best anti-inflammatory products out there. I take turmeric daily. We are finding more and more that healthy skin is not only achieved by what you put on your skin, but also by what you put in your body.


What makes moms beautiful?

I think the selfless nature of most moms I come across is what makes them beautiful. Most moms will tell you they just don’t have the time to invest in themselves the way they used to, so they find simpler ways for self-care. I think that makes their beauty effortless and less forced.


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