Royal Wedding fever is in the air, with all eyes on Meghan Markle as she prepares to wed Prince Harry. What better time than now to examine some of the most talked-about wedding-prep procedures on RealSelf?

Brides-to-be aren’t just concerned about looking their best on the big day. It’s also about the photos that’ll be taken and held dear for their entire married lives. “In our practice, most of the patients we see before the wedding’s primary goal is to look their best in their wedding album,” says Dr. Tom Trevisani, an Orlando plastic surgeon.


Dress goals

Not surprisingly, breast augmentation is a popular procedure for brides-to-be. Several on RealSelf discuss how trying on wedding dresses prompted their decision.

“Although I loved each dress, I couldn’t help but think how much more comfortable I would be with larger breasts,” wrote one 24-year-old woman on RealSelf. “I decided that having a breast augmentation was the right decision for me at this time in my life. And I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Yet another woman from Atlanta wrote about how she’d wanted her breasts done for a very long time, and her upcoming wedding gave her the push to get the breasts that she has always wanted.

Detroit dermatologist and plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn says that the most common surgical request he gets from brides-to-be are breast augmentations. Scrolling through forums on RealSelf, one of the most-asked questions about breast augmentation before a wedding is how far in advance they need to have it done.

“For breast augmentation surgery, it’s best to give it at least six to eight weeks prior to the big day,” says Dr. Youn. “Depending on the implant size and the patient’s anatomy, the breasts can look swollen for as long as a couple months afterward.” 


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Surgical fixes

Anticipation of wedding photos often leads brides to get rhinoplasty in advance of their wedding, says Dr. Eric Joseph, a New Jersey plastic surgeon. And according to Allure, Markle’s nose just happens to be one of the hottest new celebrity feature requests among women visiting the plastic surgeon’s office. 

“Many women decide to start the longest and most exciting chapter of their life with a more pleasing nasal appearance,” says Dr. Joseph. “Rhinoplasty surgery may lead to a dramatic improvement in self-esteem and confidence on the big day and in life’s future adventures.”

As with the majority of surgical procedures, the further in advance you get it of any special event, the better. This will maximize your time for healing and also lower your stress levels by not leaving it until the last minute.

“Usually, they would have the procedure done three to six months prior to the big day,” says Dr. Trevisani. “Even though it takes a year to fully heal, the immediate improvements are noticeable and acceptable within a much shorter period of time.”

Many noses may not require surgery, though. 

Non-surgical rhinoplastic treatments with injectable fillers may be helpful for brides wanting to camouflage small nasal profile bumps or improve nasal symmetry,” says Dr. Joseph. “There is typically no downtime, and results may be temporary or permanent, depending on the filler.”

One woman on RealSelf went down this route before her wedding. She wanted to fix a bump on her nose that she says made her feel like a witch. She was so happy with the three-minute procedure, that she says, “Tears of joy instantly flooded my face leaving the office.”


Glowy, revitalized skin

Many brides-to-be discuss a desire to brighten or smooth out their skin for their wedding, and there’s plenty of chatter on our forums about the many options available.

Dr. Youn says that the most requested non-surgical pre-wedding procedure in his office is Botox. “I recommend doing it about a month beforehand,” he says. “It can take a week to see results, and sometimes Botox looks best after it has a chance to settle down after a few weeks.”

Not surprisingly, Botox is also incredibly popular for the rest of the wedding party and close relatives who also want to be picture ready, especially mothers. 

Laser treatments are fantastic options for improving skin prior to a wedding,” adds Dr. Youn. “We’ve been using the Lux1540, a non-ablative, fractional laser that can really rejuvenate the skin with very minimal downtime. Just keep in mind that most laser treatments necessitate multiple treatments for optimal effects and improvement.”

Because one treatment may not be enough, you’ll need to plan accordingly. Dr. Youn also suggests microneedling and micropeels, or scaled-back versions of chemical peels, “to give the skin a smooth, natural glow.”

Injectable fillers are also popular. “Lip augmentation, facial volume replacement, wrinkle reduction, and acne scar treatments may be offered as soon as two weeks before the wedding,” says Dr. Joseph. “Again, depending on the choice of filler, results may be permanent or temporary.”


Reduce the pressure

Although it can be tempting to come up with a shopping list for everything you feel like you need to be beautiful, be sure to take a breath and consider how important these things really are.

“Plastic surgery or not, you will be beautiful on your big day,” says Dr. Youn. “Smiling and being happy are all most people need to reveal their inner radiance and beauty.”