We all have our favorite Instagram influencers who inspire us with their beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips — from makeup tutorials and skincare routines, to at-home workouts and, yes, even cosmetic treatments.

At RealSelf, we’re all for transparency, so we talked to one of the growing number of influencers getting real about minimally invasive treatments.

Aussie beauty expert and founder of Oz Beauty Expert Bonnie Gillies has been blogging about skincare and cosmetic procedures for years. She was kind enough to share why she uses RealSelf, which cosmetic treatments she loves, and what advice she has for others.     


What brought you to RealSelf and how long have you been using the site?

Originally a Google search on a procedure I was contemplating took me to RealSelf. I loved the fact that there were reviews by real people and questions answered by the experts. Since then anything cosmetic I am writing about or considering having done myself, I research on RealSelf first.


What was your first cosmetic treatment? What prompted you to get it and how was the experience?

My first cosmetic treatment was CoolSculpting. I’d always had a stubborn layer of fat on my tummy, which I couldn’t seem to shift. I’ve had two children, and I really wanted to do something about it. I had two sessions of CoolSculpting, and the results were amazing! It really changed the way I dressed and looked in certain clothing.


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On your site you talk about everything from laser hair removal and injectable fillers to skin-firming treatments and CoolSculpting. Why is it important for you to be transparent about these elective treatments?

I really think there is a big information gap on certain procedures, and especially people admitting to having certain cosmetic procedures done. There is a lot of information out there supplied by the companies who create or sell these procedures, but people want to hear what it’s like to actually experience these cosmetic treatments in a blatantly honest way.

I choose to be transparent with what I write about because I want people to understand as much as they can about the product or treatment before they choose to buy into it.



You recently reviewed the microneedling treatment, Vivace microneedling. What are you excited to try next and why?

Vivace is great! I loved it. I’m actually thinking about scheduling in another Fraxel treatment soon. Fraxel is the one thing that has helped me minimize my pigmentation dramatically. It just wiped away so much uneven skin. I loved it. And I’d love another PRP facial!


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What would you say to someone considering his or her first cosmetic treatment?

My best tip would be to do the research. Read reviews, learn the facts and make sure you know as much as you can. And most importantly find the best doctor for you. The result you gets relies largely on the doctor who does the treatment. Look at their work and see if it resonates with the results you are after.

I also say to trust your intuition. If you get a good vibe from a doctor, then go with them, and the same can be said for the reverse. If you don’t get a good vibe, or you don’t think they truly understand what it is you want, keep looking!