The Royal Wedding may be over, but wedding season has only just begun. And getting here isn’t easy, ask any new bride or groom. From finding a venue to getting a caterer — not to mention the dress — adding some cosmetic treatments is often on the list for many in the bridal party.

What cosmetic treatments are they choosing? According to RealSelf, Invisalign is the most popular non-surgical treatment brides-to-be are reviewing before their big day. RealSelf analysts looked at reviews on the site over the last 12 months, May 2017 to May 2018, that mention the keywords “wedding” or “getting married,” and ranked the treatments based on percentage of total reviews for them.


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Teeth-straightening Invisalign for the win

Source: RealSelf data, May 2017 – May 2018. Methodology: RealSelf reviews mentioning keywords “wedding” or “getting married” created between May 2017 – May 2018.


According to our data, Invisalign is No. 1 this year, with nearly 4 percent of all Invisalign reviews posted in the last year including wedding-focused keywords. CoolSculpting is second, with 1.3 percent of wedding-related reviews mentioning the non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Botox comes in third with 0.27 percent.

“Invisalign has given me so much confidence! My boyfriend of 12 years proposed and the thought of not feeling confident with my smile on my wedding day horrified me, so I went to see about getting Invisalign,” wrote one reviewer on RealSelf. “Three weeks before I got married, my teeth are all straight and look amazing.”

Medical providers on RealSelf have told us that getting wedding-ready, or preparing for any big life event, is often a reason why people come into their offices seeking some minor cosmetic treatments, like this 54-year-old mom from Calabasas, California, who just wanted to look good for her daughter’s wedding.

“I really hated my bra area and the rolls it made on my back. I went on a diet, but it didn’t seem to help with that area,” she wrote. “I noticed the difference about two and a half months after the procedure when I tried on the dress for my daughter’s wedding. Well worth the money!”


Getting rid of a double chin ruled in 2017

Source: RealSelf data, May 2016 – May 2017. Methodology: RealSelf reviews mentioning keywords “wedding” or “getting married” created between May 2016 – May 2017.


Curious to see how these results compared to the prior year, analysts looked at results from reviews between May 2016 to May 2017 and found that Kybella was the frontrunner, with 2.18 percent of reviews for the fat-zapping injectable for a double chin mentioning “wedding” or “getting married.”

“My motivation for getting rid of my chin’s fat pouch is our wedding day in the summer. I want to have a nice profile for the big day and beyond,” said this 27-year-old Kybella reviewer. Two treatments and five months later, she reports, “The change isn’t huge, but there’s definitely a decrease in the pouch. I’m hoping the results will continue to develop as I continue to heal.”