There’s a growing wave of med spa clientele: men. They’re hungry for Botox, body sculpting and a refuge all their own. And they’re seeking out med spas just for men, or “medical man caves,” where they can find whiskey, poker nights and penis procedures all in one discreet place.

On RealSelf, 30 percent of visitors are men. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s 2017 data report, men account for 9.2 percent of all nonsurgical treatments and 7.7 percent of aesthetic surgical procedures in the U.S.

Looking for an environment where they can practice discretion and get treatments for their specific needs, guys are increasingly turning to med spas just for men. From the receptionist that greets them to the decor of the spa, male med spas make them feel comfortable.

We talked with three leading plastic surgeons who have medical spas for men: Dr. Stanley Okoro’s Amachi MedSpa for Men in Atlanta, Dr. Norman Rowe’s The Club House in NYC, and Dr. Grant Stevens Marina ManLand in Marina del Rey, California.


Why did you decide to open a men-only med spa?

Dr. Okoro: Men are the most overlooked demographic in the spa industry. We decided to create customized treatment plans to specifically target this population…. Men are impulse buyers. They see an ad or commercial for enhancement treatments and immediately want to start their rejuvenation process.

Dr. Rowe: Plastic surgery for men is unique and sometimes dramatically different from plastic surgery for women. That being said, it sometimes requires different equipment. For my patient’s convenience, I brought this unique equipment under one roof.

Also, many of my male patients share with me that while they desire certain plastic surgical procedures, they prefer to avoid the potential embarrassment of having women in the reception area. Men don’t have to feel that they are minority when it comes to plastic surgery if all they see in the office are other men.

Dr. Stevens: In 2009, we added our first CoolSculpting unit. By 2010, we had four units, on our way to nine units which we have now. In 2013, I published a study for CoolSculpting. We found that 62 percent of people who came in for CoolSculpting had never been to our office. More importantly, 67 percent of those had never had an aesthetic procedure of any kind. Of those, 51 percent were men. 

I learned that men wanted more hair on their heads, less hair on their backs, no pain, a discreet entrance. They hate couches but like leather chairs. They like to hang out in sports bars and like darker colors. So I decided to build a place that is guy-friendly.


What are the most popular treatments for men?

Dr. Rowe: Hair restoration, Botox and penile augmentations (Link: NSFW) are very popular.


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In what ways are male and female patients different, and the same?

Dr. Okoro: Male consumers know exactly what they want, and they want it now. Additionally, men usually do not shop around as much as women. We have noticed that most men do not ask permission from their wives for aesthetic services. Men will buy as long as it makes sense, and they can afford it. Both men and women care about their appearance and want to stay competitive with the younger, more cosmetically advanced generation.

Dr. Rowe: They are the same in that everyone wants to look as good as they feel. Men generally try that without surgery, meaning they rely mainly on nonsurgical treatments. That being said, all of that expertise and supplies are now under one roof for men in our practice.


Which procedures are growing in popularity for men?

Dr. Rowe: Men are very interested in the mainstays: Botox and facial skincare. However, penile augmentations, laser fat reduction and hair restoration are very popular.

Dr. Okoro: Men are starting to care more about fine lines and wrinkles, as well as overall quality of their skin. Many of my male clients are more concerned about fat reduction and overall appearance. Social media and reality TV plays a big role in the overall vanity and concern about  appearance.


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How does ambience add to the male spa experience?

Dr. Okoro: Our spa appeals to both men and women, with non-gender specific marketing material, layout and color schemes. We have two client lounges equipped with their own restrooms, which offer privacy and relaxation while out clients wait for their service. This allows men to feel more comfortable by not having to share their waiting space with our female clients.

Dr. Rowe: Honestly, we had fun with designing The Club House. However, it’s not the card table and bar that makes The Club House what it is — it’s the fact that men can now seek treatment and not feel that they are a minority anymore.

Dr. Stevens: We don’t keep people waiting, we receive them. We’ve got leather chairs, hardwood floors, wood walls, leather/snake-skin walls, nice pictures with beautiful women, horses, guns, motorcycles.

Rooms are named, not numbered. We have the Doghouse, where we primarily do facial procedures: Ultherapy, Vivace microneedling, miraDry, HydraFacial. And Bear’s Lair, where we offer CoolSculpting, which is what this is primarily founded on.

But while we do CoolSculpting procedures, some guys want to get rid of the hair on their back. So we have the Vectus laser, the fastest one I’ve been able to find, so we can get it done in about 10 to 12 minutes. Lion’s Den is where we do NeoGraft hair replacement. We offer CoolSculpting on their back while we’re harvesting the grafts, and then CoolSculpting on their stomach while we put the grafts in. It’s all part of the comprehensive package we offer guys doing hair replacement. 

While I built this for men so that men would feel comfortable, I purposely went out of my way to make sure women would feel comfortable. I even brought my mom to check it out before opening, too.