Laser and energy devices have become the go-to technology to address many aesthetic needs. From reducing fat to rejuvenating vaginas to erasing tattoos, there’s a slew of minimally invasive treatments available. 

With the rise of treatment options, RealSelf just released a first-of-its kind report on trends, insights, and satisfaction rates for laser and energy treatments. Roughly half of its 94 million visitors in 2017 researched minimally invasive treatments.  

Here are some other top laser and energy treatment trends that caught our eye.


Nonsurgical fat reduction interest hit an all-time high

Nonsurgical fat reduction was the most researched nonsurgical category on RealSelf in 2017. It even surpassed popular noninvasive treatments like injectable fillers and toxins.

These treatments, like CoolSculpting and SculpSure, work by damaging the structure of fat cells, allowing the body to process and remove them with zero downtime.

Doctors aren’t surprised at the rising interest. “The noninvasive procedures have brought patients in to our offices for body contouring that would never have come before,” said Dr. Jason Pozner, a Florida-based plastic surgeon. “The new minimally invasive procedures have better tightening and better control of internal and external temperatures.”



Vaginal rejuvenation treatments jump in popularity

(Note: All links to vaginal lasers are NSFW)

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are becoming more popular than ever. This is largely due to high customer satisfaction rates and innovative technologies. These procedures help address issues like urinary inconsistency, dryness, vaginal laxity and more.

Searches for vaginal rejuvenation treatments increased by 17 percent on RealSelf from 2016 to 2017. Branded devices ThermiVa and MonaLisa Touch saw the fastest growth.

Interest in new vaginal rejuvenation treatments is also on the rise. Four new devices were included in the top emerging treatments: Geneveve, Ultra Femme, FemTouch, and diVa Vaginal Therapy.



The more facial lasers the merrier

Facial lasers, which address skin concerns ranging from sun damage and acne scars to overall skin texture, were the fourth most researched nonsurgical treatment category on RealSelf in 2017.

Even though it feels like there is a never-ending selection of lasers, new ones keep entering the market. Those lasers start trending pretty quickly too. Three new brands were listed in the top emerging treatments category: Resurfacing Perfected, Excel V, and Pico Genesis.

There are more always on their way too, and offering innovations we haven’t seen before in the laser and energy space. “Future treatments like Cytrellis may be able to offer facelift type results with minimal downtime and no visible scarring,” said Dr. Pozner.

While new facial lasers are gaining traction, tried and true treatments like Fraxel, CO2 and Halo lasers remain the most researched in the category.



Take a look at the full report here.