People often ask me what new treatments I’m most excited about in the world of aesthetic medicine. The answer is there are so many. One of the best things about plastic surgery and aesthetics in general is that this field is always evolving.

Some of the new treatments I’m looking forward to include: the next generations of toxins, injectable fillers, laser devices, and skin-tightening devices.


Surgical evolution

I also think there’s always progress being made in traditional surgical techniques. For example, today’s facelift and necklift are much more about gently resuspending the tissues. In previous eras, tissue was pulled more tightly, making you look shiny, puffy, and windblown.

Today’s surgical rhinoplasty is much less reductive than the nose surgery of years past, with much more cartilage preserved. Also, breast implants nowadays are placed with a sterile funnel that allows the tiniest incisions that have ever been possible.


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Next gen for nonsurgical

In terms of future developments with laser technology, we are always looking for efficacy and great results with minimal downtime and lower risk of complications or problems. Right now, the most effective lasers are also the most aggressive and require the most downtime, which can be a limitation for people.

The next generation of injectable fillers and wrinkle-smoothing medications will hopefully last longer and allow more variability of results. This would allow specific customization for all the different kinds of people interested in these treatments and all their different anatomic characteristics and desired outcomes.


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